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  1. I tried seting up a fan curve and when i after setting up curve check automatic speed it goes to 100% speed automatically.Ma mobo is H81M-R and only thing on there for fans is Q-FAN Control and u can put in 3 speeds Silent (3720RPM) Normal (3734 RPM) and Turbo (3737 RPM) it changes almost nothing.
  2. I have a PWM Fan that I want to always run at 30% but i dont know how in SpeedFan.When i turn on my pc its at 60% always.Is it even possible with speedfan or i have to use some different softwarem
  3. Ill clear cmos and all sticker says is 4GB 1Rx8 PC3-12800U-11-13-ZZ0 what is latency there,im noob when it comes to these things
  4. I dont know how to find latency of new ram because it doesnt boot with it and i cant find it online and the older one is i think 9 9 9 24
  5. My current ram is G.Skill Value 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz so i bought Dynet DDR3 1600Mhz.My mobo is ASUS H81M-R and it has 2 ram slots so i installed new ram in second slot and pc starts,fans spin up and then it restarts and continues doing so infinitely.I tried swapping their positions,same thing.Old ram works alone but with new one it doesnt.Also new ram alone doesnt work,same problem.Maybe if i overclock my old ram to 1600MHZ or change memory timings to match the new it would work?I also saw a guy swapping out his RESET connector from front panel,would that help? Help me if u can please,is ther
  6. Do you maybe know some tutorial how to do that
  7. Asus H81m-R.I tried speedfan but couldnt get it to work,maybe u guys have some tips
  8. I have a 3pin case fan but the only problem is,it always runs at max speed,3365 RPM it sounds like airplane is going thru my room.So i wanted to lower the speed and i saw some people saying u need to put the DC MODE for it in bios and lower that,pnly thing i could find is q fan control and it only has speeds : silent,standard,turbo.Silent is 3330 RPM so its as loud and some things like "fan duty cycle" or like that but no setting like DC MODE.Maybe im putting it in wrong connector on mobo.I put it into 4pin connector on mothsrboard because i couldnt find any other.Please help me