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Status Updates posted by EAvirus

  1. I have this case (Antec NX200) which has a bad reputation for airflow it supports up to 5 120mm fans. There's no opening in the front to take fresh air in. Only way the air can get in is the bottom.

    So I'm thinking to install the top 2 fans (also has dust filters on top) as intake and 1 exhaust in the rear and 2 exhaust at the front. Would that benefit me??





    1. blackbeardth


      i have the same case and was facing high temps. what i did was installed two intake fans on the top and one exhaust at the back. i would also suggest that you mod the case which helped  a bit. At the front of the case there are two depressed portions at top and bottom . just cut them out with a hot blade and the sand its edges to make them smooth the use some mesh on the openings to prevent dust. this has actually helped me. here is the video where i got the idea to do the mod.

      video link:-https://youtu.be/U78Gpkr0kjQ .