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  1. Then what should I to use test my hardware? and cpu temps were 63-65 in cinebench r15 and in r20 it was high 90 degrees and no I couldn't right down the bsod code as system restarted quickly. Now I have the clsid and appid error again in event I guess fixed worked for a very short time
  2. I did stress test with cinebench r15 and r20. Without problem. Right now I have fixed the event log error with regedit let's see if it works. Thank you for your help
  3. So I have built my new pc Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x Rx 570 8gb MSI Armor OC ASRock B450 Pro4-f Motherboard 8 gb ddr4 3000 mhz RAM from Thermaltake 500 gb + 1tb HDD 550W Antec Semi Moduler 80+ Bronz Certified Power Supply I assembled my pc myself for the first time it worked perfectly for like 2 weeks. Then windows started to crash in every 2-3 days sometimes with blue screen and sometime it just restarted (specially on startups). Today I reinstalled the windows ran the pc for like 6 hours then shut it down for a minute and then turned it on and while I was wo
  4. Hi friends I have installed my usb controller to my pc and also installed the speed Link driver and using xbox360ce emulator 64 bit and 32 bit depending on the game. Only problem is vibration is not working in games. Vibration does work when I go to usb controller settings and test vibration there it works fine but not working in games. In windows 7 it used to work fine but now I'm in windows 10 and for some reason it does not work. Is it something I need to turn on in Xbox 360ce simulator? Please help me solve this problem. I tried searching online and YouTube and there is only on
  5. I have lots of data in this can't loose them all. Would MBR fix the problem?
  6. Now the drive is not selecting. I tried formatting the the drive but still not selecting
  7. In boot menu there is boot priority #1, #2 and #3 I have boot option usb flash and uefi flash and the hard drives
  8. Main tab, advanced tab, oc tweaking tab, security tab, boot tab, exit tab Oh sorry in menu It just shows which cpu and ram I'm using
  9. System specs are R5 2600x Rx570 8gb msi ASRock B450m pro4-f Windows 10 How to do that can you explain please?
  10. Hello friends today I have completed my build and boot the system. I also installed my old hard drive in it with windows 7 installed in MBR format. I have also installed a new hard drive with GPT format. So created a bootable usb drive with GPT format. But this error ocures says I need to convert it in MBR format. I tried to upluge my old hard drive but the pen drive won't boot. And windows 7 is just crashing so I can't change it to MBR format right away. I can get it done from my friend's computer but it will take a while. Can you guys please tell me why is that happening and spare me some ti
  11. They were playing at low. I don't know what was the problem but this video shows pretty stable fps with same cpu.
  12. At what resolution my friends were playing at 1080p? For you I will ask them again if they were playing on low or not and let you know. By the way both of them were using i5 7400
  13. Totally worth it I haven't played the whole game but did play for like 2 hours on my friends computer as I'm still building my computer and I only need to buy the ram now. I enjoyed the game very much the story seems to be awesome
  14. Pubg is a very poorly optimized game and 1050ti can't take it any further. 2 of my friends have this gpu they were both disappointed with pubg's performance so one of them quit playing pubg on pc and the other friend upgraded his gpu to 5700xt
  15. Seems like quite a bit experiments to do. Thanks for the suggestions
  16. Finally someone understands why I'm trying to do this. I can't take the pain of opening my front panel everytime I game on it. I will buy a new case but not for a while. Thank you