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  1. Much appreciated thanks a lot i did update the bios now its all done thanks agian.
  2. I even tried it with csgo and warzone same thing not working as expected
  3. I have the gigabyte aorus x470 ultra gaming Current bios version:f6 needed bios version:f50
  4. I know these informations about it its gigabyte aorus x470 aultra gaming the bios version is F6
  5. Actually idont know its my first time updating bios
  6. So I’ve been trying to update my bios to f50 with Q-flash whenever i try to do so it gives the error (invaild bios image)
  7. Yea same in csgo and warzone im not getting as much as the gpu gives Or the gpu is not giving the expected performance
  8. Basically i need some help! RX 5700 xt not working as expected.... So hey guys im not an active user of Reddit or social media alot but i use them sometimes to get or give help So basically im having a problem with my new amd rx 5700 xt (msi RX5700 XT mech 8gb. I got this card the previous week and tried to fix the problem but couldn’t When I check the benchmarks on YouTube i often see that the gpu’s usage is over 50% But when i use the same cpu and gpu the usage of the gpu stays 30% or less Everything is up to date I reinstalled the drivers, still nothing