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  1. I decided to post pictures of the cabling setup maybe to help somebody else out because the manual was so dreadfully terrible. Does anybody know if this controller works with my fans as well? Do I need a conversion cable?
  2. Yep, I bought a new motherboard and tested the CPU on a b450 as well with updated BIOS and still nothing. Not sure how a CPU could have just died. Temps were good, never ever ran hot. Sigh, I only played MHW with my friend for at least 4 hours at a time every other day.
  3. Tests Performed: Checked ram, reseated ram. Designated ram to different Dimm slots. Test ran with second GPU, no video displayed. Boot light still emits. Reseated CPU Heatsink Tested CPU on a b450 motherboard test bench with updated bios to support Ryzen 3 CPU - no video displayed on screen. No light on mouse to produce sign of video output. Cleared CMOS Dislodged and reseated battery. Bios has been updated to most recent revision but machine had been running since. Disconnected sata drive
  4. So I checked the manual and it literally says the following. " 2.7 Post Status Checker Post Status Checker (PSC) diagnoses the computer when users power on the machine. It emits a red light to indicate whether the CPU, memory, VGA or storage is dysfunctional. The lights go off if the four mentioned above are functioning normally. " Well, my light says Boot. I pulled the m.2 SSD out, I disconnected my SATA knowing full well that isn't it. I don't understand why I am getting this error, two days before I am passed my RMA period. This is insane to me. I spent over $2500.00 on