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  1. I looked on the specs and it says 3.2 gen 1. Is that compatible with the USB 3.0 front I/O cable?
  2. Do you think it will be compatible with the blue USB 3.0 cable?
  3. The motherboard header says just USB 3.2 on the image.
  4. I'm planning to build my first pc, and I've already got all my components except my motherboard and case. I've got a Ryzen 5 3600 and a GTX 650 Ti (from a friend). A few questions: 1) I'm looking at the B550 Aorus Elite. It has a USB 3.2 connector: https://static.gigabyte.com/Product/2/7407/20200520110507513a73842ad3241a230e979932d750c4bb_src.png I'm also looking at the Fractal Design Meshify C. It has USB 2x3.0 (1 blue end cable) for the front IO. https://www.tomshardware.com/uk/reviews/fractal-design-meshify-c-case,5164-2.html Will they be compatible?
  5. That's 159mm in height. Will it interfere with a top fan (25mm)?
  6. That's 157mm in height. Will it interfere with a top fan (25mm)?
  7. Thanks for your suggestion, and the size looks good. Unfortunately, it's a little over my budget (£50).
  8. I'm planning my first PC build soon, and I am planning on using the Ryzen 5 3600 and the Fractal Design Core 500. The CPU has a 65W TDP and the case has a 170mm CPU cooler clearance. However, as it is a small case, do I actually have 170mm - 25mm (top fan width) = 145mm? I would prefer a budget option, around £20-30, as I've heard that the stock cooler is ok (not overclocking), but with my SFF build, I don't want a loud fan or a hot CPU. Thanks in advance.
  9. How necessary is the GTX 1650 now? I'm doing schoolwork and light gaming, and I don't mind <60fps at low settings for now. I don't mind investing more into B550/Ryzen 5 3600 now, at the expense of graphics.
  10. I'm only going to do schoolwork and light gaming (World of Warships), with an upgrade in 3 years' time to the GPU. I only need a minimal GPU for now. I've looked on some benchmarks and it's slightly better than Vega 11 graphics, though it is fairly old. Max budget is £500, with £250 in a few years for a better GPU.
  11. Budget: Ideally under £500, with around £250 in the future (3 years). Needs: Schoolwork, Light gaming (World of Warships) Better GPU: In the future PSU: Was free
  12. Hi, I'm planning to build my 1st PC as a SFF build, as I want it to be portable for when I go to Uni. Can you please review my upcoming build, and give me general advice? CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 (~£155) Good all-round CPU from reviews GPU: GTX 650 Ti (Free from a friend) I don't do any heavy gaming, so I'm planning to upgrade in 3 or so years. Motherboard: B450/B550 Mini-ITX (B450 ~£125, B550 ~£160+?) I would much prefer B550, for the future, but they seem to be very expensive. Advice would be grateful. CPU Cooler: AMD Wreath Stealth (Free) I believe