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  1. I have a Corsair 850w power supply and was looking to get a longer power cord I really need a 5ft so I can better cable manage it and hide it away. Where can I get a 5ft length cable? Thanks
  2. I’m running into an issue after latest update on my PS4 that it will not let me play multiplayer no more. When I load into the game on the main menu under multiplayer it says Installation suspended. I have deleted the game and game save data from hard drive and reinstalled game today and it still says same error message it even says multiplayer pack is installed. I’m about ready to just get rid of this game someone please help and thanks
  3. I'm trying to stream iRacing to facebook Live using my video card's built in nvidia shield overlay but the problem I'm having is that the stream will cut out after 2 minutes even on lowest quality and was wondering if their is a better overlay I should use to stream to facebook or youtube. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi i have a fractal design Meshify C case and trying to remove my Xbox wireless adapter from front USB port and it’s stuck. How can I remove it without messing up my system? Thanks see video below 63409518912__27E33BBD-9AAF-4197-8EA3-8AD139FEB84F.MOV
  5. Thank you I’ll try those over the weekend
  6. Hi everyone, so I’m setting up a Windows 10 laptop for mom so she can shop and do her nursing training online these will be the two main uses for the laptop and maybe looking up a YouTube video to see how to do something. My question is since she is older how can I make it safer for her to browse the Internet? I don’t want search suggestions that show ad beside them to appear and I don’t want her to click on bad stuff that will affect the computer or her information. I would like to make it safer and not have to be there watching to make sure she doesn’t click on something bad like an ad.
  7. Ok thank you and when I put new fan in, do I have sticker side facing up or down toward graphics card?
  8. Do I need to flip my rear fan around? So Bequiet logo is facing toward back of case
  9. So tomorrow I plan on putting another be quiet silentwings 3 120mm fan in I have 3 currently installed 2 in front 1 in back, was going to put this new one in the top but was wondering where or how close to back fan I should place it and which side of fan is exhaust side. Thanks for help do I have my back fan turned the right way? Looking at photo
  10. I was wondering what the difference was between the Asus ROG Strix and Asus Tuff Gaming graphics cards was? Which one is better for gaming and keeping itself cool?
  11. Does anyone else notice a 5 second or so lag when the audio of a video stops and the person on screen looks like they are still talking. I’m experiencing with my movie rentals and just regular videos on YouTube using an iPhone 12 Pro
  12. Hi I was wondering what be the best way to hide all these cables behind the monitor? I was able to hide where they plug in but not in between I was thinking about a channel to put on the wall and paint it blue but concerned that power cable going to the computer is too thick for channel. Any ideas would be appreciated
  13. I have fractal design Meshify c case with 3 case fans two in the front and one in the back that are all 120 mm and be quiet silentwings 3. I use the computer for iRacing and was wondering if I should put another fan up top and where up top should I put it? Some of the races the league I’m in runs 300 lap races and just want to be sure my computer is adequately cooled.
  14. I was also thinking about taking it up to the car lot have them put automotive window tint on like 2.5% but was wondering if that film can withstand the temps inside case and would it be safe for computer
  15. Currently I’ve got a Fractal Design Meshify C tempered glass panel and was wondering how can get rid of the green glow from the side of the computer it’s coming from 2060 super founders edition graphics card would a dark tempered glass reduce or elminate or should I get there solid panel case instead?
  16. I currently game on a PC and was wondering if I was to get from Microsoft a wireless controller + wireless adapter for Windows 10 would that increase the range of controller? I'm having an issue now where the range on the asus b550 f gaming mobo and a wireless xbox controller is not great. If I just barely move away from the PC the game will try to pause to switch back to keyboard and mouse so I'm stuck now having to use a controller with USB wire. Thanks for your input.
  17. I’ll have it limited to 30FPS and then every time an update or patch comes out it removes limit sets it back to unlimited and makes my card run 250fps and i have to set it back I don’t want it to do that
  18. How can I keep call of duty modern warfare from changing my graphics settings mainly my FPS settings after update or patch? Or is it possible?
  19. do you know anything about fan curves? I've never had to use them until building this computer. I did fan tuning in AI suite 3 but afraid it might have done it to quiet because at idling or just watching a movie on hulu in the chrome web browser the processor gets up to about to 52 to 55 degrees celsius and then go back down to around 43 or around that. I'm logging the temps as I type this for a little while. Here is updated temps after fan install and ai suite 3 calibrating. newfancalibration.CSV
  20. Thank you that’s what it was ai suite 3 calibrated the fans and nothing but a whisper now lol
  21. Ok so I just got my 3 silentwings 3 case fans installed and when I turned computer back on they ramp up straight to 2,000rpm even after going into Windows and sound like a turbine and was wondering how do I make them quieter my motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix B 550 f gaming WiFi thanks for help
  22. woody30

    Case Fans

    I have some BeQuiet 120mm fans coming in for my system and the case I have is a fractal design meshify c and the motherboard I have is an asus b550 f gaming wifi motherboard. The motherboard has connections labeled CPU_OPT, Fan 1, Fan 2, and Fan 3. Was wondering if there was a certain order I should plug these fan into or not for example like plugging top front fan into cpu_opt or should that go to fan 1? thanks for any input.
  23. At first when playing modern warfare on this pc, it was pushing it kind of hard like getting up to 60 degrees celsius all around in 10 minutes after a match. I finally figured out how to limit the FPS on this particular game because before appearently what it was doing was making my graphics card run at about 200fps or so at least trying to and making it work harder. I limited FPS to 30 and 1080p and it seems to be the computer's sweet spot after 20 minutes of play it didn't get above 45 degrees celsius and that was making me think I might need to change something hardware wise. In comparison