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  1. No no one coming in Friday and I turned it on just now its the graphic card and it would just turn on and off when I took it out it stayed on the put graphic card back stayed on but no pictures so I guess it done smh
  2. So i made a real stupid mistake. I unplugged my 8pin power connector for graphic card while it was running. now i get no pic evan tried it on a new motherboard with new cpu already order a new one but I am tring to get other idea to maybe fix it. The fans turn on no problems I7 9700 Msi Z390 a pro mobo Zotac RTX 2060 16gb ram Prebuild from i buy power but just upgraded mobo and cpu
  3. I tried that a few times no good evab with my new motherboard and processor cant find the tag feature
  4. I unplugged the power to the GPU while it was on bur not from the PCIe and it is a zotar RTX2060 the pc had a i5 9700 and was running on a mobo that was custom made for ibuypower it was a pre-built i got from best buy but and I decided to upgrade it. Just tried it on a new motherboard today
  5. I was troubleshooting my pc and removed graphic card while oc was on and it had power i know i know stupid but it happen i purchased a new already but was wounding if it can be repaired
  6. I did this by mistake and now the Fans turn on but I have no pictures and was working fine just before I did that