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    Robotics, 3d modelling, PCs, Swimming


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    i7 920
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    Asus P6T Deluxe V2
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    12 GB ddr3
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    ASUS Strix RX570 4GB OC
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    Fractal Design S
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    2.5 TB WD HDD
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    800w Corsair Psu

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  1. Case closed. Cleared the CMOS and uninstalled afterburner. Thank you all to everyone who helped!
  2. I've cleared the cmos now and the old card is working. I've uninstalled afterburner and it all works now thank you so much!
  3. I have the coin cell in my hand now. My mobo doesn't support many special features in the bios so I'm not worried abt that. It's a weird coincidence so I'm still a lil sketched out so for safety I have a card in there that isnt the one I tried to oc. Thank you so much!
  4. Ooh! I forgot abt that! I will try
  5. It was fine until I changed anything with after burner. Does the same with a separate card too. Idk man but I'm worried I fucked my pc
  6. I have an Intel i7 920 running at 2.67 gHz, asus strix 4G OC rx 570 all on an asus p6t deluxe v2 mobo. Hope this helps
  7. Yeah I will from now on. Thanks!
  8. How do I do that? I'm not able to even interact with my pc physically. The screen freezes immediately on all ports
  9. I made sure I didnt click that but my issue is that it freezes immediately on the mobo screen. In the bios and everything
  10. Hey all! So I just tried to over clock my gpu with the guide from pc user bench mark. And when I increments upwards by 50 mHz my screen had frozen. I restarted the system multiple times and even tried a different graphics card but it still freezes immediately. Does any one know a way to fix this? I had upped the available voltage I believe if that helps. Thanks!
  11. @HairlessMonkeyBoy I tried that and still didnt work. Update though, when i start the computer i get the American Megatrends logo and the windows startup screen on both monitors but as soon as i hit the login screen the monitors connected to dvi say no signal
  12. Ya ive seen people do that before and blow a whole bunch of money thinking their monitor was broken. Thank you though!
  13. Will try that! Do i need to shut off the pc beforehand to reseat it?
  14. My processor doesnt have iGPU lmao. I've got no choice but to plug into the dGPU