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  1. I'm thinking about buying an encrypted usb flash drive from amazon that costs around 50-70$ to store my sensitive info. Should I go with encrypted usb drive or Veracrypt? Which one is better? Or can I use Veracrypt on encrypted usb drive for even better protection?
  2. I downloaded the client from official website, is this still the case? Can he control my pc even if use I a legit client?
  3. So I bought a cheap ESET license from ebay, which the seller claimed that all license keys are authorized from ESET company. The seller asked me to screenshot my computer name. With the following format "DESKTOP-XXXXXX" hi, i like to thank you for your trust and shop i need you to provide your pc name id screenshot so we can add you as a key user so wont face any problem waiting for your reply. ( the order will b
  4. Hi, just opened my crypto trading account and want to protect my account with 2FA. Since there is a lot of money on my account, I want to invest in a dedicated 2FA device to secure my account. I do have samsung galaxy which is an android device, yes I can use my S8 for google authenticator or authy. But many people recommend to not use android because it can be infected with viruses and trojans. So I'm thinking about IOS since it can't be infected, and a mobile seller told me that Iphone 6 might the best option because it only costs 100$ and is up to date (IOS 14)
  5. Recently just logged into facebook, and notice that some of my friends from college unfriended me. I feel really feel bad about this. So I want to find out which year and month that they unfriended me.
  6. I will get into crypto investment soon, so I want to fortify my devices. What are the best antivirus for desktop and android? License price does not matter.
  7. I have decided that I'm going to invest all my savings in crypto coins, but I have 0 experience with crypto security. Is buying nano ledger x enough to not get hacked? Do I have to buy a seperate pc for maximum security? Do you think it's overkill? My budget is 300$ for nano ledger x and a cheap pc stick.
  8. I'm worried because I was told that people can hijack your session by transferring cookies into another computer. So they can use my facebook account without entering password. I don't know if it's still working in 2021.
  9. So few days ago someone borrowed my old laptop just for one night, I don't use it anymore and it has no stored password on any browser except that It has active session of my facebook on internet browser 11. Can he access to my facebook account without using my password on his computer?
  10. I lost my flashdrive few months ago and all my accounts and passwords stored in it got hacked. I have like almost hundred of accounts like gmail, microsoft, aws, ebay, paypal, vultr, digital ocean with different strong passwords that I couldn't remember. I have recovered most of my accounts and I want to prevent similar event in the future, so I'd like to know how to prevent anyone that is not me from viewing files inside portable flashdrive/harddrive?
  11. You are amazing!!! This script works like a charm, it saves me a lot of time. Thank you.
  12. Those files are irreplaceable, files from folder "A" are 1080P images. Files from folder "B" are 4K images. They just have identical names.
  13. So I have two folders located in drive D Folder "A" contains 750,000 files. Folder "B" contains 250,000 files. If I want to delete all 500,000 files in "A" folder whose name do not match in folder "B". How do I do that?
  14. My Workstation PC is extremely hot so I decided to place it inside my garage, I can't tolerate sitting near my computer. Is there something like wireless hdmi transmitter and a wireless usb hub for gaming mouse and keyboard? Range is 10-15 meters.