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  1. Thank you for responding, that was one of my first steps. I have tested both cards individually and sometimes I will think it has made a difference. And then 20 minutes later it's whacko again. Both cards seem to display the same issue to roughly the same degree.
  2. Hello all, I finally got my first cad/gaming put together for college, running two used 1080's in sli. Everything worked fine for about a month. Now I am all of a sudden having horizontal line artifacts, black screen flashes, and occasional crashes. As well games will stutter and flip back to the desktop or frame rate plummet just to recover or CTD. When the system crashes gracefully enough for windows to give an error message I get, "Video Scheduler Internal Error." Both cards are running with nzxt krakens and AIO water coolers attached and seem to be hooked up properly. Issues usually o
  3. Have a few video ideas I want to share. A pc with a custom hard line water loop made as much as possible out of 3d printed parts. I was thinking that transparent filament with rgb fittings would look amazing for the tubing. I recently heard that sugar stops concrete from solidifying. Would love to see a follow up on the concrete cooled pc to see if it can be used as a permanent solution. A series showing how to make the best budget pc for university students in different majors. Could have one focused on engineers (and the nightmare of running inventor), video game design m
  4. Ok that makes a lot more sense. The way it was originally explained to me was that what is listed is the max number of commands the processor can complete in a given time frame when running at max capacity, Meaning that if a processor can run at 4.0ghz and has 4 cores it would run at 1.0ghz on each core.
  5. Thanks for the fast response So the clock speed listed is for each individual core then? sorry that's probably a little bit of a dumb question. completely new to this lol
  6. Hello all. I have two questions related to inventor that I was hoping you all might be able to help with. Question one: I am currently running inventor on a Lenovo Yoga 730 for school. It seems that inventor only has support for a single processor core, and bottle necks itself to a fourth of my processor. I was hoping you all might have a solution I might have missed such as a driver or plugin or setting I may have missed. Question two: I am starting to save up for my first pc build and have started doing some research. The three things I really want it to run well a