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  1. Its a refurbished HP Compaq Elite 8300 with a HP 3396 Mobo.
  2. Hello people o/ I have some issues with my PC and i realy wonder whats up. I am about to trash this one and getting myself a new PC next month. But for purpose of learning i would like to know whats happening. I have the following specs on this thing. I7-3770 16GB DDR3 Ram GTX 1650 Phoenix OC Edition from Asus This PC gives me random blue screens and crashes. FIFA21 Crashes every other 15 minutes and other games at random SPORADICLY. But a game like Elder Scrolls Online only crashes like once a month and works generaly speaking
  3. @ValsYeah that was my goal. Getting myself a decent PSU/GPU to use in a new setup with a new MOBO and CPU/RAM later. With as final goal to get a RTX card.
  4. @Allard Allright thank you! I will open up my case and make sure its ATX, someone told me it doesnt realy matter as most modern PSU are able to just switch out cables, is this true? I found a 650 and a 750 WATT Modular PSU for 80 and 115 Euros. Then il get myself the GTX1660 Super 6GB, 229 euros. Is this a good upgrade from the GTX1650 to the GTX1660 Super 6GB? And is the 310,00 euros worth it?
  5. Hello people. I have the following situation i would like some advice to. My PC is a I7-3770 with a GTX 1650 4GB OC and 16GB DDR3 RAM. It is using a old MOBO from HP, its the HP 3396 found in the Elite 8300 CMT, the big case. Now i was wondering, as i am using a 300 Watt PSU, is it possible to get myself a GTX 1660 Super and get myself a new 600PSU to use more of my CPU power? My GPU is running at 99% on the most games and my CPU is chilling at 60-80%. I wanna max my power, and lets be fair the GTX1650 is just nonsense as a card. And will my MOBO aff
  6. Awesome thank you very much! Tamriel here i come! I already wiped off the old paste and got myself the Artic MX-2 2019 edition and that gave me another -3 degrees. Thank you very much for the help!
  7. What does it mean? ''locked cpu''? (trying to learn, please teach me!) So my best bet would be keep using this system? and when im at the point where my temps go higher then 85% or i have any performance issues just get a new pc? I do dust out my pc with canned air every month, i am very carefull with my stuff. **Picture are temps while IDLE room temp: 21 degrees celsius**
  8. Where i live we have temp spikes in the summer that go up to 40 degrees outside and 30 inside. I wanna continue gaming when the sun decides to keep me inside I was worried that my temps arent that good and will spike to 70-80 when its that hot outside. Just a matter of preparing and trying to get the best out off this setup. But its good that you think im doing fine! So sub 75 is great and 85 is considered good? then i am indeed doing great, as i am way below that range. Thats very nice to hear Thank you! **Picture are temps while IDLE room temp: 21 degrees celsius**
  9. Hello people! I could use some help with my cooler issue on my desktop. Its frustrating me and i hope someone can clarify this for me. Sorry for my bad Englisch btw!. PC specs: HP Compaq Elite 8300 tower HP3396 mobo 16GB DDR3 Ram 1TB HDD 200GB SSD Asus Phoenix GTX 1650 Intel i7-3770 I wanna upgrade my CPU Cooler, its fine 60-68 celsius on load but i know i could do better. I bought a few LGA suitable coolers and they all didnt fit. Someone told me it might has to do with the fact that some MOBOs use the Nar