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  1. Hello?....Anybody wanna help me decide?
  2. I am building a budget system and found these 2 monitors to fit my budget. Exact same price and similar specs. Can't decide which one. Help me choose pls. Thanks.
  3. Oh, well then no thunderbolt for me. Thanks anyways.
  4. Sorry, I don't know much about it but why a thunderbolt header if add-in card uses PCIe interface? And is my case type-c useless?
  5. https://www.asus.com/bd/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-B550-F-GAMING/specifications/ Go down to internal IO. It says 1 x Thunderbolt header(s)
  6. Hello there, I am planning build with the Strix B550-F gaming board and was choosing a case. As the board had a thunderbolt header I am drawn to the 4000X or the Lancool II X (for availability, aesthetics and budget). I wanted to know if the header will be compatible at all or I am talking all nonsense(also any way to use it would be helpful). Thanks.
  7. Downloaded and reinstalled the drivers again. If it doesn't work I will roll back to previous versions. If that doesn't work either, I will knock you later.
  8. After I upgraded to an SSD. And for older version of drivers, no, haven't tried those. I literally copied my hard drive to the SSD. That's it.
  9. So I have an Asus Laptop, not a high end one but gets the work done. So recently, all on a sudden my trackpad started acting mushy. I tried all the fixes but nothing helped. Also it is not continuous. It will get fixed itself like after a minute or two, or after I disable it or I connect a mouse via USB. It is like lagging, drunk but trying to keep up with me. Any fixes?
  10. I saw some stuff on google that Corsair and Mysticlight doesn't work well.....I didn't even bother searching about Lian Li. Your sure that they don't interfere?
  11. I am planning a build with MSI mobo, GPU, and Monitor, while my RAM, and AIO is Corsair, stuffed in a Lian Li case with Lian Li fans. How bad can it go in terms of syncing them together?(RGB wise)
  12. There are no 5G channels, atleast none picked up by the app.
  13. Seems my network is at -40dBm. Referred as strong in the app. I am at my work desk where I suffer the problem.
  14. My laptop unfortunately doesn't have am ethernet port. It's a 2.4G router. And as far as interference goes the router is right outside my room and it happens with my parent's mobile too.