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  1. Why does uk not ship to us? I would of bought the pack instead of 1
  2. But is it ok to do it though? Like I would build this just need a guide on how to. Like heat is deff a factor but you guys made 2 cases lol.
  3. I have made a post on what setup to buy and i was told to go for the 570 boards or wait for the B550, the B550 mobo came out and i bought using it atm and its great plus side on B550's they are new and supports 3rd gen and futere gens of ryzen out the box my build is Ryzen 5 3600, asus b550 tuff, 32gb Gskill 266ghz, seasonic 750 plat 80+, 1Tb hdd and an old GT610 I will buy the noctua nf12 cpu cooler but I am here for the CASE cooler thought that was ur questio and i am also looking for it xD. Ur build is better than mine bro How manny fans? 4+ is more than enough IMHO
  4. Ok so if I got this right. The shape doesn't match the hole but that is what the psu seasonic gave me and its labeled cpu on one end and psu. I put the psu on the psu lol and the non matching shape marked cpu i plug that on the only 8 pin connector there is on the MOBO aka (cpu 8pin)??? Is that right? Thank you soo much i am a big noob and i know you just answered the qs but i want to make sure that I uNDERSTOOD YOUR ANSWER.
  5. ok so i was going Originally with XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 1386MHz OC+, 8GB GDDR5, VR Read but i was told get a better one ok so I went searching now i have these 3 not sure which one is best. 1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 6GB GDDR5, G-SYNC Compatible 2. Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1650 OC 4G Graphics 2X Windforce Fan 3. the one IN the cart to buy MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDRR6 192-bit. thank you in adv. sorry for any inconvenience this post might have. I'm new with crap ton qs.
  6. i currently have 3Tb external hdd and 1Tb internal so getting ssd ill use both hdd for external i guess. yes i went with the ryzen 3600 its 100 dollars less lol. yes amazon and yes i have to pay for shipment and all the customs but that is cheaper ish and more WAY more up to date stuff then our local stores. like the ryzen 3 here local price is between ryzen 5 and 7. mobo are outdated i knew this when I built my first pc.
  7. where is that ?? sorry if i broke a rule or something
  8. what is the difference between MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX and MSI B450 GAMING PLUS MAX its like 10 dollars difference atm forgive me for asking this much but i haven't slept since yesterday watching Linus tips and doing some research from all 6 components LOL got the psu got the sdd got the cpu got the ram, Mobo are running out fasts lol and popping back up tnx covid >.>.
  9. i did notice tho that both the G,skill and crucial ballistix have the same 3200mhz and 2*8GB which makes 16G. my question is why is crucial better or faster than G,skill? or is it the lifespan? i found the crucial you suggested and i switched it but the qs stayed in my head lol and for me this is a learning opportunity and i think why not ask lol. thank you in adv..
  10. Budget (including currency): my budget is $800 to $1000,- USD (my local currency is AWG.. 1usd is 1.88 awg ) not sure if this helps. Country: Aruba Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming and photo editing and everything with photography. gaming would be LoL,SC2 and heart of the swarm, GTAv, scrap mechanic, runescape, all Battlefields all of them. Monitors 1 monitor for now but i do plan in the future for 2 monitors. resolution and refresh rate i nvr understood it,so it doesn't matter? system current: OS W10 pro, 550w psu, ma
  11. hi should i put my qs here or make my own post asking for advice?