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  1. Swapped my 2070 back in and disabled the event timer but that didnt work. Decided last night I was going to figure this out Found this video which explained similar symptoms I noticed when I had both monitors open they were both running at 55 hz instead of 60, decided to do some cable swapping and I suppose it might have been a faulty cable? Everythings back to normal on the 2070 super after swapping my ultrawide monitor to a hdmi instead of an hdmi to displayport. Running my ultrawide for now until I get another displayport cable for my secondary monitor.
  2. Just tried putting the 2070 super back in to see if the stuttering would be gone, once I booted up it was stuttering immediately in the OS, again in the game, put the 960 back in and everything seems to be normal again. Wondering if this is potentially a power issue?
  3. OS is on the SSD, and the games lag no matter whether they're on the HDD or SSD. Tried terraria on both drives. GPU is also in the PCIe X16_1 slot
  4. Current Build https://pcpartpicker.com/user/thedingdingking/saved/L3zcTW Hey everyone, lately my PC has been micro stuttering like crazy, I built this thing about a month ago so I'm a bit frustrated that it's having issues already. I can't even play a game as simple as terraria without fps drops. I'm running a dual monitor setup with an ultrawide and 1920x1080 monitor, both running at 60hz. The ultrawide will sometimes black out and the whole computer will swap to the 1920x1080 and then swap back. The thing is it stutters on both monitors not just the ultrawide. I tried n