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  1. UP I think maybe I will found X27 open boxed for 1200 dollars.. it was good?
  2. But for how much time this screens was still the best? PG27UQX when released?
  3. I dont know if purchase one of these: PG27UQ ACER X27 Because this two was the only monitors in the market that supports this HDR10. you think it was say that this two was the best and a lot better than the others? I need strong GPU in the next gen? I can run modern games for few years on 4K on maybe got QHD good one? It was expensive...
  4. Right now the PG27UQ is 1200 dollars.. when the UQX released, the price is a lot higher? but I dont know if somewhere any brand will release better monitor for better price.. maybe some 4K HDR1000 budget monitor..
  5. Why preferred the ASUS? and when UQX is coming? I dont know if the UQX was a lot better, and I searching for computer display and not TV..
  6. But you have HDR1000.. and I think that have no difference between 1ms and 4ms
  7. Those monitors are still the best in the market and worth the price? because, I can see that have some new monitors with 4K 144HZ but HDR400 / HDR600 for half the price.. What you think? the extra here is worth it? or If I got some monitor with HDR400 I cant see big difference? For example: Eve Spectrum (But the panel here is from LG, different from the PG27)
  8. so I can choose HDR400? HDR10 is not a lot better? and sorry my mistake.. I searching for 144hz display with HDR and 1440P
  9. Have someone monitor with 1440P resolution and HDR10 in the market? have a difference between HDR40/60/10?
  10. I will buy a PC on the end of the year.. but I dont know how much time I can run a 4K resoulution with 100FPS
  11. It was a big difference? I think only PG27UQ has HDR1000. maybe have some QHD monitor with that?
  12. Right now I have QHD 60Hz IPS if I will buy a new QHD with 144Hz and HDR, I will got big change? HDR will make a some improvement? I dont know If I will buy 4K because I wanna to play new games at high settings and I think that 4K gave me a new experience at quality.. maybe in movies and games.. I will buy PC at the next gen. what you think?
  13. Why only 3090? so expensive and PG27UQ for 1200usd? where? I wanna 4K because I have 1440 and I want some new fun experience on my next build.. also for movies and how yo know whats the prices of 3000 rtx?
  14. So you think 4K is heavy resolution and not recommend to buy?