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  1. Gateway Ryzen 5 4600H Crucial 16GB 2x8 3200 MHz DDR4 XPG 1TB NVMe SSD GTX 1650 4GB GGR6 120 MHz screen I have $700 in this setup. I guess I just want reassurance I have a good setup considering the apocalypse going on and shouldn't sell. I was thinking about old OptiPlex and adding 1650, 16 GB (DDR3), 1TB (SATA III) SSD and 120 MHz 1ms G-Sync montor, and wireless combo keyboard and mouse. The reasons I'm having such reservations is because I can't keep my cat off the damn laptop (doesn't listen) and I'm not willing to put up the laptop multiple times a d
  2. Has no one noticed the naked person at top right at door on bottom picture lol. Half moon.
  3. Power button turns on and off system and reset button works and HDD led blinks on hard drive activity but power light doesn't come on. I've flipped the + and - too trying all options. I've watched some videos on case and power light around power button should come on stay on and on HDD activity another led in power button blinks. I'm so lost my system is built but only thing not working right is power light.
  4. Yup I was looking in motherboard section and freaking out.
  5. I haven't built a computer in 17 years. I cleaned off stock cooler with alcohol and put and large pea sized amount of Arctic MX-4 in center of CPU and tightened all four screws on heatsink to they wouldn't turn. I'm very confused on the temperature readings I'm getting. Oh waiting for my case so my build is sitting on top of motherboard box. Is what I'm seeing normal or abnormal. Help.
  6. I just bought a 3 year old ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM (Kabby Lake) and did some minor upgrades. I got rid of the slow 1TB HDD and replaced the SSD with a 1 TB WD NVMe drive and also changed out WiFi card to Intel AX200 so now I have WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5 and also put clean copy of Windows 10 Pro on it and also repasted everything with MX-4. I am extremely satisfied I'm getting insane FPS with the GTX 1060. I just wonder how many years I'll get out of it before it becomes to old. I have about 820 into it with upgrades.
  7. Crap I was thinking about computer model. GTX 1060. Edited my original post.
  8. GL502VMK - if I sold it on eBay what do you think I should ask and what could I build better with said money than laptop in a desktop. Thanks.
  9. I have about 850 tired up in this used laptop and wonder if I just sold it on eBay for 800 if I could do better building a desktop (need to buy keyboard, monitor, mouse, and need wireless on a desktop). I just wanted to see what you guys think. Processor Intel® Core™ i7 7700HQ Processor - repasted all the pastey parts with MX4 also - and undervolt -0.125 Operating System Windows 10 Pro - upgraded. Chipset Intel® HM175 Express Chipset Memory 8 GB DDR4 240