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  1. I have a 10900k that is running stock for now with 4000mhz cl17 RAM on the XMP 1 profile at 1.35v. The vccio is set to auto but its at over 1.4v. I get some minor stability issues with games suddenly crashing with no error message which is usually RAM related. So I am wondering what a good vccio voltage is and will lowering it make me more stable or less stable?
  2. That's a 240mm not a 360mm though unfortunately.
  3. Any White or Silver 360mm AIOs that you all would recommend? (and not just because they are the right color, but also quality)
  4. Because they are big, bulky, and ugly. If I could find one that looked as amazing as an AIO or custom loop, then I would probably jump on it.
  5. A pump is only like 60 bucks and they last 5 years if you get a D5, the DDC ones like what's in the AIOs usually last half as long.
  6. I've had a LOT of them, most last 2-3 years on average. I have several computers, they all fail at around that mark. I had an H80i actually only last 1 year before it leaked, but that one was odd. I have a H115i right now and an H150i and an H50 (that one has actually lasted a really long time though)
  7. Can a Custom Loop save you money in the long run? I was sitting here thinking that replacing an AIO every couple of years or so before the pump dies is like 200 bucks or so each time. Would doing a custom loop actually SAVE you money at that point?
  8. Oh I've never heard of a silver kill coil before. I have some clear fluid from EK. If I drain it CAN I reuse the same fluid? Is there any harm it doing that?
  9. oh, when you pull the tubes to replace the component, lets say the cpu, then do you air pressure test it once you put it back together or just pray that it's all in right afterwards to refill? Can you save the same fluid to reuse it if it's not old? Thank you for answering all my questions, you're helping me out a lot. I was at the point I needed to replace my AIO and instead of spending 200+ dollars on a new one I was contemplating just doing custom loop.
  10. Oh what I mean is the difficulty in swapping parts out in a hardline system? You have to drain it every time and doesn't that take several days to do correctly each time?
  11. I have a 2080 SUPER and a 10900k on the way. Now what about swapping out parts?? ..because I like to upgrade to the latest thing all the time haha. I could buy a 2080 ti... but why and the new 3080s come out later this year.
  12. Sorry, saw that you said usually 70's F just now realizing what you meant haha.
  13. Have you ever had an issue with leaks? Also, the other reason why I may go customer water cooled is for the GPU. Doesn't it make a huge difference? I'm not looking to do any crazy overclocks competitive wise like that, just a regular overclock for 24/7