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  1. well, guess I'll go for a Phanteks evolv x or a Deepcool Matrexx 55 Mesh... Thank you for your replies
  2. thank you for reply, sadly I was pretty sure about that... but I still wanted to try and keep it. Images fixed
  3. Hello, I have some doubts about a new airflow configurations to do on this case. At first, the case was mounted with its original 3x120mm fans, two pulling air from the front and one pushing air out of the case, plus a 120mm AIO from cooler master mounted on the top, pushing air into the radiator and out of the case. Now I'm starting to prepare for an upgrade, I have in mind to put there a 5800x/5900x and a 6800 xt or a 3080, so I started buying an Arctic liquid freezer II 280 AIO, thinking that I could put in top, two 140mm arctic f14 fans to put on the front of the case and one f12