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  1. thats something ill try to test out. ill try to crossflash another firmware. maybe it helps and i will look for older gpu drivers to test. thanks for that idea.
  2. Try a different bios version. One that supports ur Cpu but is abba 1003 or lower
  3. Well, Kinda yes but kinda no Yes it has something to do with either the card the bios of the MB or the display driver. No because I think I'm more likely to run into some kind of software bug because the card functions properly in the Abba 1003 scenario.
  4. BIOS was flashed on both motherboards via bios intern flash tool. With the old MB bios I can easy push the card to 2ghz perfectly stable. So I don't think it's the video cards hardware. Xmp on and off was already tried. Same results.
  5. Hi everyone, At first my Specs: Ryzen 3700x Msi Meg Unify x570 Palit Gtx1080ti Gamerock Premium HyperX Fury 16GB 3200mhz cl16 NZXT E850 Power Supply 970 Evo 512GB WDC Blue 512GB Sandisk 1TB Sata SSD What´s the Problem: I can´t get my System to Boot into Windows if a Bios version with Agesa above ABBA is installed. At first i thought the Problem is Asrock´s messy Bios (swapped the X570 Steel Legend for the MSI Unify after that). Yesterday, after installing the Meg Unify i imediatly updated the Bios to the Lates