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  1. But just take a risk to leak or even killed something
  2. Yeah I mean if you on a budget and you want a custom water cooling
  3. And I forgot that I found it in malaysia website so I just exchange it to usd. So sometimes the price is expensive and sometimes it's cheap
  4. When I searching a custom water cooling kit I found somebody is selling custom water cooling kit as little as 45$ and I am thinking Is any good so I need have a choice. Can you all guys help me
  5. Hi Need you all help I am use rtx 5000 x2 with sli then I want to use rog zenith ii extreme alpha for the motherboard and I wanted to use dimm.2 and dimm.1 but I don't know how many the dimm.2 and dimm.1 shared the bandwidth. Can you all help me please