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  1. Hello again! Just wanted to update everyone with the last two updates I made to the build! I recorded two other parts to my video build logs, but see below for a few written notes. So in part 4 I show you the results of all my case modifications. The modifications include: 2 New fan intakes in the bottom of the case aswell as the 8 screw holes so that I could screw them in from underneath 2 New holes in between the rubber grommets to install my pass-through fittings Widened all the front fan mounting holes since they didn't align with the 360mm ek Ra
  2. Hey guys, so it's been awhile! Needless to say that the last parts I was missing took an eternity to arrive. But thankfully everything is here now and I can complete my build only a little late for cyberpunk! Expect updates coming pretty fast in the next few days or so. Anyway... on to the update! So I decided to switch from my previous choice of Corsair ll120 fans to some lian-li sl120 fans instead. I really much prefer the look of these fans and the metal and shiny accents on the sides really fit my theme of reflections. You'll
  3. With the release of the new Nvidia graphic cards and the AMD CPU's I've decided to rebuild my PC! Welcome to my Custom Hard Line liquid cooled build log: Reflections. The theme of this build is, you guessed it, reflections. The base color of the build is a neutral black, however all possible accents are either a silver, chrome or nickel. This in combination with the RGB lights that will be included in several of the components and acrylic tubes should hopefully create really nice looking reflection accents without the case being completely soaked in heavy light. Out of
  4. Been awhile since I posted here, but I figured I would see if anyone had any suggestions on how to resolve this issue. I performed a routine reformat of my computer (Something I do every few months) but this time I've encountered an odd issue. When ever SLI is enabled on my machine, which ever monitor is set as the Focus Display isn't able to get a picture on a reboot. For Context, I have 4 monitors plugged into the same card of my SLI 1080GTX (Has been like this for awhile now). Whenever I reboot my computer, the monitor that is set as the SLI Focus will begin displayi
  5. Alright, thanks for the info. I'll be taking it apart in a couple hours and will find out. I'm just hoping it's limited mostly to the gpu blocks, but i'll have to investigate. Thanks.
  6. So far it's been running for a little over 36 hours, with a water change in the middle of that. But the yellow in the corner of the block started as early as 12 hours in. Thanks
  7. Yeah, I had read that theoretically you shouldn't, but a lot of people had already done it with no issues, but I will try to remove it (I put it in the rez and it's actually going to be surprisingly hard to remove). As for the flux, I had cleaned both rads with some Boiling water (Well I boiled it and let it cool a bit until it wasen't burning hot), but regardless of that wouldn't it also be affecting my other block as well? (I'm using an EKFC Paralell Terminal). Thanks for the response.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm hoping some of the more experienced watercooling users can give me their opinion on an issue i'm having with my newly completed loop. The loop is as follows: 1 Alphacool NexXxos 45mm 360mm rad 1 Alphacool NexXxos 45mm 240mm rad Bitspower Compression Fittings XSPC D5 Photon Rez+Pump Combo Koolance CPU 380-I CPU Block 2 x EKFC1080 GTX Strix - Nickel GPU Blocks PrimoChill Advanced LRT White Tubing Distilled water Silver Kill Coil I just finished putting this loop together 2 days ago and ran a leak test for 24 hours
  9. Went from my ''Maybe buy this'' list to my ''Not buying this'' list in 0.1 seconds.
  10. There's is currently a cpu bottleneck since the last patch due to the new sound system (WWise) that was implemented. (Even though WWise is supposed to use only 1 core, it seems to be bugged) if you have a GPU usage meeter you can notice as more players join the lower the GPU usage becomes. (Atleast for me and others on the Start Citizen Forums)
  11. Yeah haha. if you have a steam version of the games your fine. The article itself also mentions that obviously cracked versions still work fine, ironicly.
  12. They go on in the article to talk about how this could be a good thing, seeing as those DRM's had loopholes that could be exploited by viruses. Yay DRM, yet again messing with the consumer. By the way, this means that games like the original Bioshock and the original mass effect won't work if you only have a cd copy of the game. Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/report-games-with-securom-and-safedisc-drm-wont-run-under-windows-10/ Original Interview (German): Sorry if this was posted already, I searched before typing and couldn't find anything relevant to this.
  13. Can't wait to try it some of the stuff people make.
  14. Yeah, it's really great. I love how big it is compared to the current ships. I read on the Star Citizen forums that it's going to be part of the first flyable multi crew ships included in the Arena Commander 2.0 patch whenever that comes out. I can't wait for that.
  15. There's no way you can trust any reviews of products associated with Apple. The fact that they black list people from their review samples if you provide a negative review makes it impossible for me to trust any of these reviews. The only person that I know I can trust when it comes to reviews of apple products is Linus, as he's already on the blacklist so he doesen't have to try to stay on it, and the fact that I don't remember him giving any positive reviews for Apples stuff recently either.
  16. StarCitizen is the biggest crowd funded game, but it didn't get that much from KickStarter. Shenmue is the biggest crowd funded game from Kickstarter. In reality, star citizen only got 2.1 million from kickstarter, the rest was done on their own site. Source : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cig/star-citizen
  17. My work gave me an Ipad Air for free to use, but I feel ashamed leaving the house with it so I just leave it at home all the time. Probably the most useless thing I own, other than maybe my tv cable box.
  18. I'm curious at what game will follow up with the next biggest prize pool. If I had to guess, it would be CS:GO, being another valve game and they could easily do the same ''Compendium'' model there.
  19. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for helping out.
  20. Depending on the time frame he played, there were loading loading issues before, but this was when they loaded everyship in the game in some corner of the map that you couldn't see because the tech wasen't optimised and that happened to be faster then loading it into video memory instead. However they have already updated that and loading times were more then cut in half. It's pretty cool seeing stuff like that happen. Can't wait for them to start merging modules, but that's still a long way off.
  21. My brother ran the game on a 670GTX maxed out at 1080p at around 80-100FPS, why on earth would they have to optimize more?
  22. The rubber padding on my current mouse (The Steel Series Rival) has begun peeling and falling apart recently, I was thinking about buying a new mouse, and this seems to be a good chance to win one!
  23. Don't remind me of that game haha. Although I doubt the same will happen with Star Citizen, it's currently alpha, and Chris Roberts said it himself that he wants it to look even better then it already is. In fact, currently the only options in the menu are low,medium, high, very high haha, they haven't even given the advanced options yet.
  24. Hello everyone! I thought it was time for me to try and show off the beauty of Star Citizen. As much as there are big debates on different aspects of the game, I think the one thing that is irrefutable is that Star Citizen and a damn good looking game. This video consists of what I consider an epic buildup that attempts to show every aspect of the game that we can see so far, all from completely original (As in, not trailers) footage. From the gorgeous environments to the great detail in the ships and the effects, it's all amazing to look at. What makes this a Community Video? I'll be hone
  25. I've never even used facebook before, don't plan on starting.