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  1. ok thanks ill make sure every thing is pluged in solid and ill let yall know if it happens agen
  2. thermal creep ?? ill try it also i got a open air case i have a cooler master haf xb evo with 7 fans all together
  3. well it would just randomly shut down befor this is the first time it gave me that blue screentho
  4. so i just left my computer for a hour and came back to this blue screen i left it on idle with nouthing running ...befor its been shuting down after about 2 or 3 hours and restarts on it own i think nouthin of it cuse it starts right back up with no blue screen now i just got this blue screen is there a fix for this ?
  5. dang ok thanks for the advice
  6. hello can anyone help me i want to mess with bitcoin mineing i got a rx570 as my gpu now. i got a gt1030 laying around what would i have to do to get in in my pc. i got a asus prime x570-pro so it has the 2ed slot is it as easy as pluging the 1030 in the other slot and get drivers and im ready ?
  7. Guys thanks it was the FN key on this keyboard I’m in the bios now it’s strange it did it this time and not last time
  8. Ok I see it I hope that’s it thanks I’ll try and let u know
  9. I don’t have a different keyboard right now and when I turn it on it dose it’s beep and the ASUS screen with there logo comes up it says press delete or f2 to enter bios and it will set at that screen for a couple seconds then goes to that American mega trend screen no matter what I press for delete or f2 it goes to that screen and I can’t press anything but alt control delete
  10. I did I tryed I know my keyboard works cuz I can press alt control delete and it will restart the pc
  11. So I have had a similar problem befor I think unplugging hdmi when it is on is bad for it and it makes me reset The cmos battery so I did and Now I can’t get past this American megatrends screen To get into the bios to reset the settings ....last time I reset it it let me go right into the bios not that screen hangs me up