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  1. I always wanted to install Hyper - V on my laptop and found a "By-pass" bat file in XDA forum. My question is will the windows activation expire after installing Hyper -V on windows 10 home? because I technically tried to install a feature that microsoft doesn't want me to install or at least doesn't provide the feature in windows 10 home.
  2. No, but how would that work because the drive is not being detected even in the disk management .
  3. I just didn't know then that the thing I wanted to do with the drive would eventually kill it faster. I have always seen flash drives as ssd's but thanks to you now I know how exactly get most out of a flash drives and how sensitive they are to loads that I used to think which are "not so stressful loads".
  4. Unfortunately I wanted to use the flash drive as a binge watch movies , plug and play games kinda thing
  5. I bought a USB 3.0 sandisk flash drive 64 gigs about exactly 11 months back. Loaded up some movies and games into it. Never used that much(I must say it's basically sitting in my bag collecting dust)but today is my unlucky day, I found out it may have been broken forever. I tried to plug it into my phone, TV, PC but no detection of a flash drive(FYI : Checked the drivers in my PC, no problem with that too) and also checked the pins if anything's not right but those all seemed fine. I must say after all that shit I'd done with it there's still hope left in me it would work because even though t
  6. My laptops 3.5mm jack is not working, so I decided to use a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter. But, On the Internet several people wrote that the adapter won't work on laptops and some wrote it does work. I just want to know for certain if it works or not and I appreciate anyone helping me out.
  7. Recently, My hard drive failed and I ordered a new SSD. So, I am Tweaking around in BIOS Stuff and I came across this "Boot from EFI File" in Boot Device Options and to be Honest I don't know What It means and when to use that option. I really appriciate if any one could explain me what is it and when to use it.
  8. My Laptop recently ran into a " sihost.exe hard error" then I some how managed to start the computer by reinstalling the windows. It took a day to make it run. Now, from yesterday my hard drive is making a clicking sound(not a beep) and the windows won't bootup. I saw some stuff about the "head stuck in the platter" problem, to confirm I opened up the hard drive but the head is not stuck in the platter. I'm confused how the click sound is coming even if it is not the "head stuck in the platter" problem. I have some important college stuff on that hard drive, can I somehow repair or atlea