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  1. Alright, looking at all of Noctua's fan options, the amount of airflow from 2-200mm fans is the same as 3 of the standard 140's, so I'm assuming that the static pressure fans are the ones I should be getting if I'm going with the 140mm rout? And yes, I will be filtering intake, which would probably also increase the need for static pressure fans. Too bad Noctua doesn't make static pressure 200mm XD.
  2. I'm planning on making my own custom case sometime soon, trying to go full minimalist. I made a really rough sketch to get a feel for the dimensions, but wanted to get outside opinion on cooling potential. The diagram below is from what would be the back of the case, and shows roughly the major components, case room, and two 200mm fans in the front. The back of the case would be completely perforated wherever there isn't IO. My main question is this: Would two 200mm case fans as intake be enough to cool a build on the level of a 3800X/2070 super given the CPU and GPU cooling was h