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  1. I bought the nova play ear buds a month ago, after seeing on a celebrity page.  Never heard anything after that.  So 15 days after not receiving I researched and all the reviews said it was a scam.  So I gave up and actually ordered the AirPods 2 days ago.  I checked the mail today and guess what was in there?  Both pair!  What a coincidence.  But after I got them I examined both.  They look exactly alike.  And sound exactly alike.  So, they are legit!  It just takes an extremely long time to receive.  





  2. My guess is that they might delay the delivery of the product due to "Covid-19" situation, and after 30 days there is no way of getting the money back.
  3. Hi LTT community, I usually don't write or post things online, but yesterday evening my girlfriend showed me a celebrity advertising discounted wireless headphones and it seemed fishy to me. I need help people spreading the word to stop this. The story was published on instagram by @kyliejenner (apparently a big celeberty in US), not sure how one can see it if not using the Instagram app, and the person is advertising "Nova Play" wireless headphones with 70% discount using a promo code. Nothing crazy here. It started looking more fishy when I saw the website and it