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  1. More information than the comprehensive setup videos contained in the massive first post you helpfully quoted?
  2. Oooh. Could this be used for the Delta T scenario? Use the file to create a virtual sensor that equals Water Temp - Ambient Temp? Not sure how I would do that , but seems like a step in the right direction?
  3. Thanks for the reply - very much appreciated! Yes - exactly that, a curve based on Delta T°C between water and air. I hadn't really thought about the second question - my intiial thoughts are, yes, I would want the curve to react exactly the same. Reason being: I'm in the UK, so once I set a 'reference' the likelihood is that the ambient temperature isn't going to increase significantly enough that it becomes a real consideration. The capacity of my loop won't change significantly, only the relative performance/water temp in relation to the ambient tempera
  4. Looks great. What kind of temps do you get with that setup? Do you find the rear exhaust fan scavenges air from the top rad/fans affecting performance?
  5. Hi there @Rem0o - great effort! Like many, I have been led here after finding that Speedfan does not work on my new machine, and other software such as Argus Monitor aren't quite there. I have read all the posts, and watched your videos, but I cannot work out if I can do what I want. With the mixed curves etc, it seems like there should be a way - but I just can't get my head around it! In essence, I would like to create a fan curve based on the difference between two sensors (ambient temp and water temp) - how would I do that? As an aside, I have an ASUS z3