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  1. Hey all, I am tossing up between getting a 3070 or a big navi 21 card. A bit factor for me is ray tracing. I am a bit concerned as to whether amd’s ray tracing will actually be playable on big title games such as cyberpunk. I know we probably won’t know for sure until the release of it, but from rumours and leaks i just was wondering if anyone has found anything? thanks!
  2. Hey all, I am currently tied between getting the 3080 and 3070. Would love to save a bit and get the 3070 however i am not sure if 8GB of gddr6 is enough. I like playing story mode games and i like playing on max settings. I know that for most current games 8gb is enough however when cyberpunk and other games come out i want to be able to play on highest settings with ray tracing too because i love visuals. Any help is really appreciated
  3. Hey all, Any suggestions on good AIO coolers. Not really educated on this area so was just looking for some advice. All answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
  4. it is a cougar 800W gold psi that's about 6 years old. Cant quite find the exact model
  5. The new RDNA 2 that they are releasing with it seems pretty cool and speculated to be 50% better than the current RDNA, plus has its own form of ray-tracing. If I sold now at $600 aud, and bought one in 2 months time when I expect it to be $800 to $1000 I could have a brand new gpu with with the latest tech for $200, rather than sell in a few months time when the 5700xt will a lot cheaper.
  6. I have a feeling it could have been a psu issue, friend said he had a similar issue and he replaced the psi which apparently fixed the problem, whether it was just a coincidence or not I don't know.
  7. Could i possibly just take the harddrive out and wipe the ssd, purely just for the purpose of testing the gpu, so just to have windows and the new drivers installed
  8. no there was never any evidence of short ciruiting, will boot up my old pc and try doing a bios update
  9. also, if anyone has had a similar issue or know what the issue might have been please let me know. I have checked the hdmi cables and monitor and can confirm it is not that.
  10. Hey all, I have a old r9 390 from a old pc build whihc im not sure if its damaged or not. The old system would every now and then just switch to a black screen whilst the pc stayed on. I narrowed it down to the gpu but wasnt completely sure. If i was to put it into my new pc to test it could it potentially damage other parts if it was to be damaged, like ive heard damaged gpus that short the system are mobo but i dont think it was shorting it because when the screen went black the pc was still turned on and ruinning. Thanks in advance
  11. No, australian dollars haha
  12. Hey all, I currently have a 5700xt but am so excited about the new amd cards. My current cpu is a 3700x and was wondering whether you guys reckon there will be a bottleneck with the new gpus. I read a post saying that there wouldn't even be a bottleneck with the new 30 series nvidia cards with the 3700x cpu but not sure how reliable that is. Also, any estimation of the price of the new amd cards. I know they are probably going to release a few cards but any idea on how much the base card will be. I can currently still sell my 5700xt for around $600, but i k
  13. Thanks again for replying. I ran more benchmarks on valley and heaven and both scores were lower than my old pc. The reason i ran valley as well is because its not my gpu in question as that is the only part that isnt changing over these tests and i am more trying to test the cpu and Other compnents. I will ise 3DMark but because i didnt test my old pc on 3DMark i wont be able to compare any differences.
  14. Is valley or heaven better? I still have screenshots from my old pc’s benchmarks on those program’s so if they work then great because then i could compare my new pc to those results to see what progress ive made. thanks for the response
  15. Hey All, I recently built my new PC two weeks ago and i finally decided to run some bench tests. I was shocked to see that i got a lower score than my old PC with the same settings. I upgraded everything except the graphics card as I have a ASUS ROG STrix 5700xt that is only a coupld months old now. New PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX 5700xt MOBO: MSI B450 Tomahawk Max RAM: 16GB DDR4 Old PC Specs: CPU: i7 4790k GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX 5700xt MOBO: MSI Z97S KRAIT EDITION RAM: 16GB DDR3 I ran th