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  1. Wew i bought a keyboard off of eBay once (buying keyboards seems to be my impulse) it was a ducky one 2 mini I wanted to clean up and mod for my SO and it was a good price, plus the pictures looked good. I got it and the thing was NASTY, looked nothing like the pictures. It was sticky??? Hopefully with soda or something and was clogged with hair, took the whole thing apart and deep cleaned it. Works good as new now but god it I never got something that bad before.
  2. Looking for a deal on a new power supply. Nothing wrong with my current one but I’d like something beefier for future upgrades and my boyfriend is building a pc so I’d like to give it to him.
  3. Wait so is it actually thin enough to see through or not? I’m getting conflicting signals here lol id like to buy a shirt but I’d rather now have everyone and their grandma see my binder
  4. Its a neat little app you can download off the windows store called TranslucentTB
  5. Ahhh thats what I meant lol I had no idea what it was called thank you! Also yea, I've been lowkey obsessed with neon since ive lived in the seattle area for pretty much all of my life, neon signs everywhere. If I really want to commit to getting a neon sign I'll probably see if I can find someone local who makes them and save up a lot of money for it.
  6. Yeesh, do people actually buy these? I'm curious lol
  7. Hi everyone! I've currently been on the hunt for some RGB lighting to put around my setup, with how mainstream LED light strips have become its been kinda hard for me to find ones that don't look...cheap to say the least, repeats of the same strips on amazon with just different names slapped on them. I'm personally looking for strips that have a casing over them instead of just bare dots as they bother me (if the lighting is good enough tho I don't really mind), price isn't really an issue. I'd just like to see some recommendations! EDIT: Also looking for some neon sign
  8. Well I'm WISHING for a Ryzen 7 5800x but I have no idea when they will be in stock again. More realistically just some RGB LED lighting for my little setup so I can get some more light in and maybe a neon sign.
  9. Just bought this really sleek purple/white ducky in collab with Mechincalkeyboards, can't wait to get it!
  10. Either wait a few months until they get back in stock or play the wait list game. I managed to get my current 3070 by pure luck and honestly thats just how it is right now.
  11. I'm pretty young, 23 but I agree with what your putting down. I keep playing pretty old games, point and click adventure games are my favorite genre, and what my dad introduced me to (kings quest, day of the tentacle, ect.) I also can't wait for cyberpunk! Let's hope its not pushed back again lmao
  12. Currently its just leaks and rumors, I haven't been able to find anything on the price or release.
  13. Current set-up, just got an RTX 3070! Downloading some games to test out but I'm pretty happy. Took off my front face panel cuz I have an old phone and the front panel is black out glass so it doesn't show up too great lmao (Also the red is showing up orange >:(( )