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  1. Everything is up to date, also update things are getting worse, my RGB lights are resetting now when the keyboard and mouse disconnect also. I hope the motherboard isnt failing or anything
  2. I tried it with two different keyboards and mice. I'm kinda stumped as to why this is happening
  3. Hi! So I'm having a pretty big issue, lately my USB ports (in the back from my MB) randomly stop working. It usually also happens at pretty awful times (usually when I'm gaming) This only started happening a few days ago and I have no idea how to fix it or if it can be fixed. I tried unplugging headers ect but nothing. Thank you in advance!
  4. I play roblox a lot and they have been having to have a lot of server issues lately, I also usually get error code 279 just with one game randomly while others work. So it's not just you.
  5. Hi everyone It's been a very long time since ive upgraded my phone, im still running an iPhone 6plus that I got as a birthday present eons ago, but now that I have a job and are away from my house more and more it seems like everyday I felt like I wanted to get a new phone, preferably an android as I'm not a big apple fan. I've been seeing korean tiktok videos of the Z flip (mostly case decoration videos) and I thought the phone looked super cute, one thing is that it's super expensive and also pretty experimental technology. I was thinking about buying one second hand but I
  6. Yes it's fine. I do recommend turning the computer off to save electricity tho, unless you simply don't need to worry about that.
  7. Bought my first AIO hope I don't have much trouble with it lol
  8. Wew i bought a keyboard off of eBay once (buying keyboards seems to be my impulse) it was a ducky one 2 mini I wanted to clean up and mod for my SO and it was a good price, plus the pictures looked good. I got it and the thing was NASTY, looked nothing like the pictures. It was sticky??? Hopefully with soda or something and was clogged with hair, took the whole thing apart and deep cleaned it. Works good as new now but god it I never got something that bad before.
  9. Looking for a deal on a new power supply. Nothing wrong with my current one but I’d like something beefier for future upgrades and my boyfriend is building a pc so I’d like to give it to him.
  10. Wait so is it actually thin enough to see through or not? I’m getting conflicting signals here lol id like to buy a shirt but I’d rather now have everyone and their grandma see my binder
  11. Its a neat little app you can download off the windows store called TranslucentTB