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  1. Now that Linus has a TI-84 Plus CE (shown in the graphing calculator overclocking video), maybe we can have a proper review and benchmarks of it? Post with details about suggestion:
  2. Before overjoying about Texas Instruments calculators: they've removed ASM/C support from the TI-83 Premium CE through a software upgrade. No more DOOM for you.
  3. Cool! Now all we need is the video for benchmarking Python on calculators (with a reference to the ban on ASM/C) to tear TI a new one. All details you need to start working on this are in this post: Please Linus Tech Tips! The calculator community desperately needs some leverage to make Texas Instruments fold on that one. You can probably milk the calculators you'll buy by doing additional videos on it if you need to make your money back (like doing reviews of modern graphing calculators that are not grounded in the 90s for example).
  4. You know what's even better than a segment on TechLinked? Benchmarks. A set of products, each with different characteristics, but all capable of running a common set of workload with measurable performance data points.... With Python no less. It's actually perfect for a Linus Tech Tips video: Relatable: anyone aged between 15 and 40 has most likely used one for a couple of years. Jokes potential: come on, it's graphing calculators, that stuff basically writes itself. Unexpected turn of events: who would expect graphing calculators to have color screens and run P