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  1. its just 3.5mm input at one end and type c output at the other. if i get a dac will it work for music?
  2. I tried to plug in my earphones through a 3.5mm jack to usb type connector on the motherboard. I dont hear any sounds just the static. Is it broken or do i need to install something? Please help.
  3. I cant find a decent pair of airpods in the uk. I watched a few videos by EAP but there is no link to it. Dpes anyone know?
  4. Thanks but its performance is that of a 2080 ti so how does it work??
  5. I just wanted to know whether the 3070 and ryzen 5 3600 bottleneck each other cause I was planning on buying those. Thanks
  6. Corsair rm750x or nzxt c750? both units same price. Which one to go for?
  7. h510 elite with 5700xt r5 3600 corsair rm750x and a barracuda 2tb hdd
  8. but i want atleast a 750w for future upgrades. also my gpu's recommended is 650w
  9. So Corsair is better than NZXT at Power Suppllies?