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  1. Thanks, I'll have a look at that. Me too my work area is in gasoline sprays and atomisation so I'm trying to remember all my thermodynamics which I did at university so well out of my norm!
  2. Thanks I'll have a look, might be a good back up I can design and have something made in house but it's extra work I don't really have time for as much as I may want to . The leakiness concerns me a little bit as the rest of my budget ~£20,000 mostly electrical equipment will be in very close but I'm sure I could make something work if I do I'll share the drawings here if they're of use to anyone!
  3. Thanks sorry I'll be using a ethylene-glycol water mix around 50v%v. And I'm not expecting huge pressures as I'm not having super high flow rates, nor any fancy fins or otherwise which would increase pressure the only thing I'm envisaging being a restriction is the 13mm ID tubing restriction.
  4. Well I'm trying to calculate it but the other question which I'm sure has been answered several times but depends on how many heat exchangers the pump can push through. because obviously if i had 5m^2 heat exchanger and blowymatrons to cover it I could bring the fluid temperature a lot if not to ambient.
  5. Hello fellow tech heads! I'm wondering if anyone can help point me in the right direction? I'm looking for a water pump to move a relatively small amount of fluid through an experimental set up I'm developing for my PhD which would be subject to potentially high temperature and looking around the online stores I can't seem to the a fluid temperature specification obviously I could use something commercial but budgets are a little tight! The heat source I would be cooling could be up to 350degC but I could obviously cool that through radiators before it gets to the pump! Any recomme