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  1. My gpu runs at 44 degrees celcius but my cpu is 75 and ssd like 60 There is a app called speccy where i saw that my ssd and cpu are too hot
  2. msi MS-B9071 like 300 euros what is the best cpu i can get with this motherboard
  3. 16 gb ram and my cpu is like 70 max 80 degrees while playing
  4. i5 7400 3ghz boost 3.5 but i never get 3.5 max 3.3 gpu 1060
  5. I wanted to know if the site called userbenchmark is a good way to see what part you should replace to get better fps my cpu is peforming well my gpu isnt while in game my gpu is on low usage and cpu is 100
  6. its just that i dont know how setup a new motherboard in a pc with my tiny pc
  7. i have a MS-B9071 motherboard with a i5-7400 gpu is 1060 6gb with 16 gb ram and ddr4 i want to upgrade my cpu a cpu thats compatible with my motherboard what is the highest upgrade i can make or the best i want to get more fps
  8. https://www.msi.com/Desktop/Nightblade-MI3/Specification it doesnt say anything about the case
  9. i will get a new motherboard i will need to watch what fits in my pc my nightblade pc is pretty tiny
  10. what would be the best option for my board rn