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  1. Hey guys! I haven't done anything with the CMOS settings, but I did get home just now and I plugged the two sticks of RAM back in since it boots up when I removed the two, and it turns out that it runs just fine now. All my system specs are being registered. I have the correct drives, amounts and RAM listed as well as the correct graphics card and specs. Maybe someone a little more hardware inclined can tell me why removing RAM would fix the boot loop. I see. I'm not super hardware savvy, but could taking the 2 sticks of RAM have refreshed something to make it work?
  2. I see. I'm not super hardware savvy, but could taking the 2 sticks of RAM have refreshed something to make it work?
  3. Hello, I had put the gtx 1080 back in to ensure it still worked. But I haven't done anything with CMOS myself. I did, however, unplug two sticks of my RAM, and tried again. With only two in the system it booted up just fine and I'm in the GEFORCE experience app downloading drivers now. I assume that means it's a problem with my PSU not being able to deliver for my full system, then.
  4. Hey there. I just got an RTX 3090 today. I plugged it in, and wired it up. When I press the power button on my computer, the lights will come on, the GEFORCE logo will light up as well as various RGB in my machine. The fans spin up, and then everything shuts off. This happens over and over until I flip the switch on the PSU. It may be worth noting the light on my motherboard remains amber until the system shuts off. Could I be missing something? I'm using the dongle the card came with, and I wired both 8 pin connectors to it plugged directly into the graphics card. I had a GTX 1080 running on
  5. I was hoping to get something to improve a wireless connection, but seems like an aux cord is my best bet. Thanks for the advice.
  6. A while back I got a pair of Sony WH-1000X M3's and I've been really into the sound quality. Naturally I've been wondering if I can somehow turn them into my main gaming headset. The only problem being that sometimes the latency on the sound drags a full second behind the visuals. Is there some sort of adapter or dongle I can get to speed up the audio transmission? I'm looking to play mostly on PC, but it would be a cool little bonus to be able to get this working on PS4 and Xbox.