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  1. Ended up grabbing a samsung 870 evo ssd. Says on lenovo only supports 1066 and 1333. Does 1600 work?
  2. Thanks, i gonna check them out, i heard something about memory on a ssd will improve performance, how do i check ssds for that? Ya 1600 memory, crucial is out of stock
  3. anyone? have no idea what to look for in a ssd.
  4. I got a lenovo thinkpad x220 mint condition today, am looking for help in finding/upgrading ssd and ram. I have access to amazon.ca and canadacomputers, something cheap but boots fast. It was suppose to have win10 pro, but was never activated(off leased laptop) so im using pop os.
  5. Been hearing alot of good about The Kubuntu Focus https://kfocus.org/
  6. Im looking for a 13" macbook pro mid 2012 battery, and not sure which battery is a good quality on amazon.ca Appreciate the help finding one.
  7. Thinking of doing a trade for a older macbook pro saw Startup disk: mm in the system info, what does that mean?
  8. https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/dell-xps-13-3-laptop-platinum-silver-intel-core-i7-8565u-256gb-ssd-8gb-ram-windows-10-open-box/14542651 https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/dell-xps-13-9365-13-fhd-2-in-1-touchscreen-laptop-intel-core-i7-7th-gen-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-win-10-refurbished-grade-a/15306207
  9. Im not a expert on gaming laptops, Ever since i bought my first dell laptop back in the days they have always had some sort of screen issues, crappy screens/faulty screens, and ive had alot, and i would say all of them ive had disappointment in the screen. Biggest question would be how old is it, and how long do you need it to survive? From my limited income stand point, my advice would be to tell you that older gaming laptops come with a bigger risk, who knows how hard the laptop has been used.
  10. I meant prices in the used apple products. Is it possible to wifi usb stick linux?
  11. Asking for a friend cause i aint got a clue. With Apple switching to arm how long will intel macs get os upgrades/updates? Will this action drop the prices of intel macs, if so how much %? Off topic im curious if this could be something big for the linux community to pick up?
  12. Just taking a guess here, everything work fine without the battery plugged in after putting the battery in? Look at both batteries, are voltage numbers the same?
  13. Oh i know every company has their issues, even heard some intel processors have backdoors. Ive had many dells/hps/asus, when it came to business laptops never had any issues with hp or dell, though at the time dell had crappy screens. Ive had many hp laptops, was very satisfied with their business laptops, and even a envy laptop which has been trashed by my kids and ex so much that the screen fell off and the screen is still working, but when i went cheap on a hp laptop it ended up being a total garbage laptop . I do agree with you that lenovos are great laptops, i mean