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  1. I want to play the Pokémon games Black, HeartGold, Platinum, basically DS games. I don't have a gaming pc, just a Lenovo workstation. It has Intel I5-7400, 32 GB of ram, 1 TB HDD, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 730. I know that my specs aren't the best, but I was wondering if there are any emulators I can run and save games.
  2. This really doesn't help me.
  3. I connected by Galaxy Buds to my Note 20 ultra. I use the Samsung Wearables app to monitor it. One thing I have noticed is that no matter how much I use the earphones, the app shows they have 100 percent charge. I can't tell if it is the earphones fault or the app's fault? Is there a way for me to reset the battery meter for the Buds?
  4. I found out why, there is a separate input in the back for microphone. I have to get a splitter cable.
  5. rkunati

    Audio Splitter

    My headset has 3 rings, that means it has microphone capabilities. However the front panel i/o of my workstation has one input for microphone and another one for audio output. If I put it into the microphone, then the audio output doesn't work and vise versa. I was wondering if there is a splitter that I could plug in my headset into that branches into two plugs for my workstation.
  6. I have tested another microphone, and reinstalled the drivers. I have not tested the rear i/o, because my cable is not long enough.
  7. It is wired into the front panel audio. The sound settings say that there are not inputs for microphone.
  8. I have an in ear headset with a microphone (skull candy). When I use it with my Surface Laptop, the microphone works fine and I confirmed that I wasn't using my laptop's built in microphone. Recently I switched to a Lenovo Thinkcentre Workstation, and my microphone is no longer working. I can hear sound, but can't speak. The microphone option in Zoom is completely greyed out. I was wondering is there anyway to tell if it is the headset, the software, or the plug that is broken?
  9. I was wondering if it was possible to connect my Note 20 Ultra to my keyboard and mouse in such a way that I don't what to un plug them from my computer. Sort of like a wireless extra screen.
  10. I was watching a computer build on another channel and in the video the man removed the integrated heat spreader put something on it and then put it back. The video in question is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=perblkdl2cA. The removal happens at 54 seconds. I was wondering why it was removed and put back.
  11. I just saw the i5-7400, 32 GB of ram, 1 TB storage and figured those 3 combined, just by themselves, are worth at least $400 plus the Windows 10 Pro ($100) would make it worth it. Thank You all for the replies, I will stick to buying new from best buy.
  12. Hey guys, I have an x box one s and want to play Arkham origins. According to Microsoft's backwards compatibility website it should be available. However when I go to the store, I am unable to find it. Anyone know what I can do to play it on my console?
  13. Hey Guys, I need a workstation for college (SQL, Python, Excel, Access). I found a workstation near me for sale and was wondering if it was a good deal. The specs are: ● Intel Core i5-7400 Processor ( 6M Cache , 3.0GHz ) ● Windows 10 Pro 64 ● Tower 85% Power 210W ● 32GB ( 16 + 16 ) DDR4 2400 UDIMM ● NVIDIA Geforce GT730 2GB DDR5 64bit DP High Profile ● 1TB Hard Drive, 7200 RPM, 3.5", SATA3 ● Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
  14. I have a Note 20 Ultra that I want to use to store my movies. I am planning on buying a microSD card with at least 500 GB of storage. I am looking at two cards right now. One is: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-evo-plus-512gb-microsdxc-uhs-i-memory-card/6406411.pkuId=6406411&ref=212&loc=1&ref=212&loc=1&ds_rl=1268655&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwMP9BRCzARIsAPWTJ_FV1BqMSuhI-JnqmPqS8wKLd7_uOHXkK8qZBcpNgt6WsdHkNU3idYIaAjlbEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds This one is Samsung 512 GB and costs $94. The second one is: https://www.amazon.com/Micro-1024GB-Speed-Adapter-1024GB/dp/
  15. Thank you for your response, do you know why its failing because I never dropped it or anything it just started doing that.