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  1. Did i misread the Golds specs? Was under the impression the wan port was multi gig capable? The internal ports I am OK with them being just 1 gig. I was planning to allocate 1 gig dedicated for the private network then split the second gig between the guest and the IOT segments.
  2. Longtime electronics guy (component level troubleshooter IRL) here looking for advice. TLDR at the end. I freely admit my networking chops are...lacking a bit and am working on changing that. I have been surviving on plain Jane off the shelf level gear and prebuilts for years and finally in a position to start upgrading my setup bit by bit. Can't wait to build my first custom PC in years this coming spring. I currently have 1Gig symmetrical fiber service and plan to upgrade to the 2 gig service in my area in the near future but my current firewall just won't cut it.
  3. Hi folks. I'm looking to buy a U shaped computer desk but don't want to go all out on a Forma-space custom job if I don't have too. Looking for reputable brands, durable. ESD safe if possible, want to stay away from the el cheapo Formica. have been looking on Amazon, Newegg, Overstock Wayfair etc and just not seeing anything that fits the bill.
  4. Indeed. Now to find a bone conduction headphone set thats big enough for my head and also dosent have a mic
  5. I found the Garmin Instinct series that looks promising.
  6. Avoiding a mic due to were I work restricting recording devices, phones must be miclocked and in pocket when in the shop. We can have phones to listen to music while we work. I'm an android user so am not intrested in apple products
  7. Like title says i'm in the market for a new smartwatch but am finding it hard to decide. Been trying to find a good comparison list or selection matrix. Any info is appriciated. Saw the vid were Linus wears the Casio but not quite what i'm looking for. Looking for android compatible, no mic, at least 3-7 days battery life, bluetooth link for phone notifications, and music control, fitness tracker, gps, pulse/o2 sensor, water/dust resistant. Looking <$400US.