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  1. Crap meaning I open up a game, rocket league for example, the image looks soft and zagged lines around the car and there aren't any details. It doesn't look like what a 2060 video card should be doing on high quality settings. Also when I press the buttons on the monitor to change settings it says its running 60hertz but in the settings I put it as 144hertz. But I don't know if that's 144hertz for my laptop or not because in the laptop settings its not recognizing another display. I'm all types of confused.
  2. Nevermind, I checked and my laptop is running the dGPU, I guess the problem is still a mystery lol
  3. How do I switch the laptop from iGPU to dGPU, I want to check if that's what's causing the problem.
  4. Hi, I pick up my new PC tomorrow but I wanted to test out the monitor so I plugged a HDMI cable from my laptop into the monitor. Although I started to play rocket league and I notice the graphics look terrible on the monitor but perfect on my laptop. I'm really confused and am kinda freaking out lol please help Its this due to using the HDMI? Will my pc with a RTX 2060 make the graphics the same or better than my laptop? For reference my monitor is the ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ 23.6” and my laptop is the ASUS ROG GX502GV Thank you for yo
  5. Yeah I've been playing around with it for awhile but nothing so far seems as spot on as my laptop. It's just kind of irritating
  6. I just bought a ASUS TUF Gaming VG24VQ 23.6” Curved Monitor and I've never had a monitor before this. I'm a little disoriented with how the picture looks when compared to my ASUS ROG GX502GV Laptop. The image on my laptop looks better, less soft, less white, less nice overall. Can I adjust the monitors settings to look at it does on the laptop?
  7. I haven't used ethernet. Due to my computer being located on the second floor and the router located on the first floor my dad doesn't want me "fiddling with it" lol. And for the testing we haven't had anyone over in awhile just because my Dad is lazy, we've just got used to the crappy connection and because of covid. I've told my Dad we need to get someone over to take a look and fix it but he won't listen.
  8. The router is the Home Hub 3000 and no one in the house uses ethernet. I would if I could put my computer is on the second floor and the router is one the first floor, plus my dad just doesn't want me doing it. He thinks he knows technology but he really doesn't lol
  9. They gave us the Home Hub 3000, I attached a picture of it.
  10. I found this website called https://www.coolerguys.com/collections/fan-screws-mounts If you're in the USA they seem to be a good place for you to look maybe if you do end up cutting more holes
  11. For starters I'm in Canada and my Dad is paying BELL a bunch of money for fast "Fibe Internet", although we are not getting even close to the speed that we should be getting. Our wifi should be more than capable of reaching 50-70Mbps yet we are barely hitting 10Mbps. In my room which is located directly above the router I'm getting 1-8Mbps. We also have weird dead spots for example, the room over from where the router is located if you sit on the couch you completely lose WiFi connection. A couple of workers from Bell have visited but they didn't do anything. The WiFi was great
  12. Yes that's what I remember hearing thanks for clearing it up ha!
  13. I watched a couple Linus videos where he clowned using HDMI for your monitor so it had me confused. Another commenter clear it up and reminded me it was about how HDMI isn't bad per se but "it's just hard to find a monitor that supports 144hz streaming via HDMI. Most HDMI outputs support it, but many inputs don't"
  14. Other comment cleared it up, I watched a couple Linus videos where he clowned HDMI. Another commenter reminded me it was about how HDMI isn't bad but "it's just hard to find a monitor that supports 144hz streaming via HDMI. Most HDMI outputs support it, but many inputs don't" also that "For a 75Hz+ monitor a display port cable is recommended, often HDMI cannot support higher refresh rates."