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    Dr Who? Bacon, Gaming and making money :3
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    24GB (2x8GB+2x4GB)
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    Nvidia GeForce 970
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    AOpen HQ-45
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    250gb Samsung Evo + 3TB WD Green + 2TB WD Red PRO
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    Dell 2515 1440p Monitor
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    Duck Shine White edt.
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Hey! I really want to try out making a two way mirror, I want the monitor to show weather and my agenda / calendar. What OS and software should I use? Bonus if I can access it remotely on the network. Thanks
  2. I know, I've been to lazy for updating the post sowwi guys <3 Update #6 Look at this lil tiny GPU, I love it :3 I hope they later on make a tiny version of the 1050 or something ^-^ I got both the C1 and the C7. the C7 did a extremly good job at cooling the CPU even it's a very compact and easy to install cooler. But I went with the C1 in the end due to it did perform even better, and It did fit just barely inside the case. Big thanks and lots of love to Cryorig, I love them and their products. Th
  3. But elecricity is included in the rent no matter how much I use. Hmmm
  4. Hey! So I'm getting quite bored and want to try something new, I've never ever mined before. The electricity costs $0.03 / kwH and it's included in the rent. https://bitmaintech.com/productDetail.htm?pid=00020160527114935137wr0xd6U006A9 Including taxes and everything it will cost me around 475USD. If you calculate with the profitability decline, and that the BTC will drop to 450 USD. It will take me around 190 days to earn back the money I invested. And I didnt really have in my mind to earn anything. Just a hobby. So the question is as following, is it
  5. Rig name: NES Cpu: i5-6600k @ 3.8GHz Gpu: MSI Super Low Profile 750ti 2x4gb DDR4 Ram
  6. I did a Fire Strike benchmark, take a look at it here, max temp on 40 degrees celcius ish http://www.3dmark.com/fs/7824653 That aint that bad, huh? Might be able to clock it abit futher.
  7. Anyone got any ideas for how to apply the dust filters to the fans? I'm not sure what I'm ordering yet, I'm thinking about superglue it stuck but that might make dust cleaning hard? Thanks
  8. I've got a awesome keyboard and a awesome mice. Good luck everyone, may the force be with you! I dont really need an upgrade with other words.
  9. Under full load, a max. temperature on 56 degress celcius aint that bad inside a NES, right?
  10. Heyy guys! It's time for Update #5 I spraypainted the lower part of the NES with 4-6 layers with primer, and then 4-5 layers of solid white. I thought I could spray black ontop of the white layer to get a grey layer. But I've never been so wrong. I'm on the lookout for a beautiful grey color. I've sold my Samsung 950PRO 256GB and I've bought an Samsung 850 Evo 500GB M.2 SSD. Right now I'm using the NES, with a 840 combinded with a 850 in RAID 0. It dosent fit 100%, soo I'll have to go with the M.2 SSD and nothing but that SSD. I drilled a 2mm hole and mounte
  11. New update coming within the next few weeks! Sorry for taking so long, I'm kinda lazy. I'll bring the beauty to The Gathering if you want to see it in-real-life. R52, S33. Stay awesome guys, Noxz
  12. Hard to find it, it would never had been found if it werent for that link. Thanks
  13. Heyoo, So a friend of me just became single, and my friendu's pc sucks, http://prntscr.com/a065sh . This friendu of mine is studying at an e-sports high school in Norway, and I'd love to surprise my friendu with an PC Upgrade, I've already sent her ram, SSD and GPU left. I'd love to make my friendu happy again. My friendu's happiness > If I win, I'll provide proof of me provinding an 950 / 960 to my friendu aswell as to potential giveaway price that I might win. It would mean alot for us both. I wish you all the best of luck, may the force be with you. Stay awesom
  14. I fint it hard to get a overview over the topics I've posted in. And I really would love to see some stats as "views" and such on my topics. Not sure if this already is here, but I'm having a hard time finding my topics I've posted in. Othervise, I like the new design.