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  1. ah, sorry, I wasn't familiar with the term, and just assumed dry run meant running the system from a cold boot without letting the liquid cycle through the aio for awhile.
  2. Oh okay, thank you :D. I was just worried of it being a dry run because I didn't know how long it would take for the liquid in an AIO to move to cool the system. I've been considering moving from a regular fan to cool my cpu to a AIO, so i'm still fairly new to how it works. (usually I don't even think of the cooling and just expect it to work with a fan).
  3. My understanding was that AIOs take awhile for the liquid to move through out the system (I'm not too sure if that only pertains to open loop AIOs or if that includes closed loop AIOs)
  4. Hi, I was wondering, if you run a cpu intensive game right after a cold boot, will it potentially wreck an aio?
  5. Thanks! It looks like I was wrong and it was actually the intel Lan that had issues.
  6. Thanks! How about the Asus strix z490 e gaming?
  7. So I've been looking for a mobo for a 10th gen intel cpu and I've been a bit hesitant in my choice of mobos, recently I've been looking at the msi mpg z490 gaming edge, however I've heard issues with the Realtek® RTL8125B-CG 2.5G LAN Controller and Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201. I heard that the wifi drops out when used with Bluetooth source: I've also heard issues with the lan dropping out Source: https://amp.reddit.com/r/MSI_Gaming/comments/h0lo6n/msi_mpg_z490_gaming_edge_wifi_issues/ If anyone knows any good z490 mobos for $300 USD, it would be much appreciated.
  8. The price difference for me is not that much between the 750w and 850w (corsair), I plan to have a good and reliable PSU as I've had PC's short out with a bad cheap PSU before (some no name Alibaba PSU. Ya, I'm definitely just going with a higher watt PSU for the peace of mind then anything else. That's pretty interesting! Unfortunately right now because of the scarcity of 10 Gen Intel right now, there's not much in the way of information in regards to watt draw (hopefully I win the silicon lottery and only need 1.3v - 1.36v to achieve 5ghz oc). Thanks again
  9. That makes a lot of sense. I think I'll reconsider my PSU choice (maybe a 850watt PSU just to be safe)(I'm looking into corsair gold/platinum/titanium offerings) . Yes I was referring to the "350W TDP rumour", I'm hoping Nvidia doesn't pull that again, but at the same time, my trust in pc parts manufacturers is quite low. I've no desire to be in the top 1000 PC's on benchmarking tests, I simply want 5ghz cpu oc for things like rpcs3, where even a 5ghz i9 9900k struggles to push good fps in games like mgs4, and be able to run multiple vms with ease (and some video editing on the side).
  10. Thank you! The only reason I thinking about 1000w PSU is because I've calculated my watt use for cpu/gpu/mobo/ram/fans/pump and it's in the range of Obo 650-750w, I'm looking to maybe get a 3070 once that's out which seems like it'll require more juice, honestly I doubt I'll ever actually need that much oomph from the PSU, but it's more a peace of mind. (I plan to oc cpu to 5ghz, oc gpu, and oc ram)
  11. Thanks! I was looking at a 1000w PSU with 2x ATX 12Vdc (4 + 4 Pin) Connectors. I'm not sure if that means it only has 8 pins or if that means it has a 4+4 and another 4+4
  12. Hi, I'm having a few issues. The msi z490 supports 8+4pin for the cpu, however most psus I can find only support 4+4 pins, is that an issue for overclocking to 5ghz? How does 8 pin (4+4) differ from 8+4 pins? Is it completely necessary to have 8+4 pins for stability for ocing all cores to 5ghz?
  13. I believe my previous system uses a z390 Asus motherboard (not sure as to the exact one). I borrowed parts from friends and swapped out the HDDs, added a sound card, tried a different mobo, tried a different PSU, tried different ram, did a bios reset, tried updating the bios, tried different OSes, all of which didn't seem to fix my weird stutter problem (audio would stutter, video would have weird stutters, the mouse would sometimes skip). I suspected it was the cpu as that was the only part I didn't touch