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  1. my specs are CPU-i3 9100F GPU-RX570 SSD-120gb HDD-1TB motherboard-GIGABYTE Z370P D3
  2. so there is weird thing happening in my pc.So there are keyboard,mouse,camera and headset with microphone connected to my pc,When i try to plug some USB in one of the things unplugs, like if i plug in something with USB my camera or headset or mouse unplugs and if i unplug the thing that i connected everything goes normal.Is this normal?
  3. what does run as administrator mean? what is different if i run program as administrator?
  4. The weird thing i have on my internet is that my internet speed has gone up a lot.i am paying the same price as i used to,but my internet is much faster and donwload speed is faster too.What caused it? I will take it.It is free internet,but am i hacking or what :DD
  5. so i tried everything possible but nothing worked,then contacted rockstar adn after 1 month they fixed it.They will tell you a lot of ways to fix the problem but nothing worked so after that they fixed it for themselves.it took them like2-3 weeks,or you can change your IP by contacting your internet provider
  6. i have fine FPS but i want more.i play FORTNITE(high grapichs-60 fps sometimes drops) GTA V (ultra grapichs-60fps) just cause 4 (high grapichs-60 fps) i can have more FPS but my monitor is only 60 HZ.i have money so i wanted to upgrade my PC.with my budget i can buy that I5 9600K so this is why i asked :DD
  7. yeah i was thinking to buy I5 9600k,what do you think about this?
  8. i want to upgrade my PC and what do you think what should i upgrade PC specs: CPU-I3 9100F 3.6 GHZ GPU-RX 570 4 GB RAM-16 GB HDD-1TB SSD-128 GB PSU-600W
  9. I3 9100F RX 570 16 GB RAM 1 TB HDD 128 GB SSD i was worried that fans where spinning fast :DD
  10. I have a very weird problem.so i have good FPS in games but when i play like game that doesnt need good pc,my computer goes like crazy.fans are spinning fast, but in games that need better specs,so it needs more FPS so fans should spin fast right?it doesnt do that.so in like fortnite on ultra grapichs fans dont speen fast,even on playing ultra grapichs,but in tabs(tottaly accurate battle simulator) fans are spinning fast.what is the problem or is this normal.
  11. so what is the best way to clean my mechanical keyboard
  12. yeah i will upgrade to i5 9400f in like 1-2 month.i am selling my I3 and goingt to buy that CPU.i was thinkinh to buy RYZEN 5 but,i have to change my motherboard then.what do you reccomend
  13. so i dont stream,just want the monitor for discord to talk with my friends and staff,or launch youtube,nothing else. this is my PC,not best,but enough for me.i am going to upgrade to i5 soon I3 9100F RX 570 4GB 16 GB RAM 600W THERMALTAKE PSU
  14. so i have a question.when i set up double monitor can that change resolution of my other monitor,because they are different size and they have different resolution and can this drop my FPS