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  1. Ya i agreee.. just spend 20 min debating on ordering on for ltt store for $14 shipped or $10 from amazon for 2.. I am a sucker who likes to support ltt i bought it from lttstore.com
  2. i have same issue on new reddit dos't happen elseware. i checked it up to a css issue.
  3. Ok I have a Be-quiet pureloop AIO. My power supply has been making bad nosies and is 5 years old so i got a new one. While swaping it out i broke the Sata to dual 3 pin fan plug thing that powers the AIO. (one line goes to pump one goes to coldplate and think just powers the light up logo thingy)... Well being fri night i thinking i am screwed but i go to mirocenter and see if they have the do-dad .. Best i was able to find was this. Fan splitter. https://www.microcenter.com/product/471085/Fan_Cable_Adapter_Supports_3_PWM_Fans I pluged in the molex and the 2 3 pin fan headers and
  4. Eh.. that's a lot of eye of the beholder. I will tell you that the gsync compatible freesync monitors can be iffy (ended up going 6800XT in place of 3080 on gpu upgrade becase my monitors didn't play nice with gsync on my 1070 worked fine as long as i did take focus off game but if i swapped to discord or something the monitor whould black out for a sec. I have friends they work fine on.. so YMMV.. I personally think the hardware gysyc is overpriced as hell.
  5. Beet me to it. I agree with Russia that should reset it.. if not contact ssd maker for erase tool. (normally a bootable USB that will reset the crud out of it. )
  6. was looking at https://www.amazon.com/quiet-Straight-Platinum-BN642-Modular/dp/B085ZBT81N
  7. Current rig CPU 5800x b550 Asus Tuf mobo 32 gigs ram GPU 6800xt (thanks Linus VAG program) 1 2tb M.2 WD ssd 1 DVD-RW 750 EVGA PSU Gold My PSU is 4 year old (was bought with previous mobo) and has been getting noicy as of late randomly. likely the fan is failing I have cleaned out with air no effect. and it has a filter over it from my case . Think i need to replace it before it goes completely online power supply calculators say i need 550w. Judging my the UPS load reported i am max out in about 420W when the GPU is at 100% .
  8. well crap weasels mine is single sided. not like i am fixing that till after ram prices drop back down.. i payed 109 for my 32 gigs back in nov and its 220 for same stuff
  9. SO what do i need to look at on my ram? I have 2 16 gig Corsair vengeance sticks in my 5800x rig.. its all wraped in a heat speader so i am not sure if i will be able to count chips if i take one out? not like i am replacing it short term anyways .,.. I just looked and the price of my ram has litterly doubled in the 6 months i have owned it.
  10. I work in corprate It I got this exact error on 1 person last week (out of 10000s of teams users in my enterprise. We found 2 oddnesses one her TPM was on 1.2 not 2.0 like everyone else and in security processor details in win win under Status attestation said not supported . The laptop was nearly 4 yes old so we just went nucellar and gave her a new laptop a few months early one of my projects for next week is to reimage that laptop and try to manually upgrade the TPM back to 2.0 . I know it must have been on 2,0 4 months ago because her service log says we re-formatted her and
  11. To anyone who may know the technical nuts and bolts of direct store.. Dose it need a NVME drive only for the game drive or also the OS / Boot drive. Reason i ask i have a 2TB sata SSD i really do not want to replace and just get 1 tb drive for my extra m.2 slot and install any direct store games there.
  12. for gamming system a 2TB sata ssd vs 1 TB nvme i would so sata. drive speed hits diminishing returns at a point on most games around a Good sata SSd (i use a WD one myself). I Mostly belive this is becase the data loading is so compressed that decompressing it is doing more to slow it down then drive speed. Now if a game maker used less compression because the knew for sure user had an NVME ssd they chould take more space and get better performance (IE PS5 XBONE series X/S) but you won't see this is PC gaming likely because you would TANK HDD users.
  13. My 6800 xt came today has now been installed.. Had a minor panic attack because i had to re-seat it 3 times to get it to post but its fine now.. (case was a really snug fit but its up and running and I am OH OH so happy..
  14. Dito here in California. had to redirect to fedex office because i have to work but its going to be a killer weekend.
  15. I think this shirts been out a bit most likely just a Easter egg the artist put in .. The geek factor is strong with LTT