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    My name is Kaiser I just turnt 18, and I enjoy CSGO (even if it's with 40 fps still got into Gold nova)
  1. GSXR

    GTX 670 Issue

    Most likely, just going to have to go back to using a GT 730
  2. GSXR

    GTX 670 Issue

    No to the bios, resat the card twice also put it into another system and used two PSUs to power it (PSU didnt have two 4 pins)
  3. GSXR

    GTX 670 Issue

    It was kept inside of a box, in another room which doesn't get used, window never open, heating never on... Kinda sucks considering I spent all my money on the GPU and never got to actually use it
  4. GSXR

    GTX 670 Issue

    But how would it die if it hasn't been in use at all, Tested once for 5 minutes worked flawlessly, sat in a box from May to October
  5. GSXR

    GTX 670 Issue

    Bumping, still got this issue. Ran out of money and cannot afford a new card
  6. Thank you, also would the 2690 work in just an X79 motherboard, or would I have to find certain things supported by the motherboard
  7. Hi there sorry if this is the wrong section, but I'm currently looking at some Xeons, and I have a question of which would perform better in general, in gaming and in heavy CPU usage E5-2670 V1 E5-2690 V1 E5-1650 V1
  8. So I have had my GTX 670 since May, I used it once to test it was all working and it has sat since May till Three days ago, and now when I plug it into my PC with both Six Pins plugged in, it'll give me Two Bios Beeps (Motherboard is from a 435MT) and a red square on my screen (Using a HDMI and it says on the screen DVI 72060 HZ, when it's Meant to say something along the lines of HDMI 1080P 60HZ...) This is without an SSD or HDD so it isn't any program making it do it, it's GPU or hardware based issue, does anyone have an idea? Also it's an EVGA 670 2GB FTW edition
  9. Yeah still considering that, but I cannot find any pliers to rip the bloody thing off
  10. Okay so I'll be more specific I only have £30/ whatever that is in dollars to watercool my GPU as I'm sick of it being unusable and It's only £5 for a pump, £8 for the reservoir, £3.50 for 1 metre of 1/4 hose and probably going to spend £0.99 for a sample (200mm) of 13mm hose
  11. There is also a way on IOS as I used to do it on Discord and skype with my Ex
  12. Pretty sure you're right about the 1/2" I shall try to find a ruler as Not wills suggested
  13. Yes I am, had this sitting in my room since my 18th birthday and I'm tired of waiting to use the Gpu I'm broke as hell and got no money to save up so I'm working with what I got and I'm completely fine with mixing metals
  14. Yeah I would if I had a gauge but sadly I don't and when I asked the previous owner he said 1/4 which isnt correct