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  1. File transfer not working and can't answer calls on pc
  2. Can someone recommend a alternative to KDE Connect. Here is what I need: -Open source -Only local network -File transfer -Mouse control -Get notifications to pc from phone -Run console commands from phone -Make/Receive phone calls from pc
  3. I have some experience with kali linux. I will test it to check if it blocking them. (No my discord username is not xXx_PR0_H4CK3R_xXx)
  4. I have mi router 4A and the modem my isp provided. Modem has 4 ethernet outputs. We are only using xiaomi one for wifi.
  5. Am I understand that right? You are saying connect all servers to your main modem and blacklist your websites or servers ip adress on your second router so 'hackers' can't access your personal machines and connect it to your main modem that has only servers on it.
  6. I only need it to host my website to another users and access my private server from everywhere.
  7. My isp allows that and cloudflare gives 59 Tbps ddos protection for free. I will host a private server that handles file transfer, ssh etc. and it will be only accessible with a password. Also there is a public section. It will only host my website. I have a router and a main modem and I think hackers probably can't get in trough router and access my personal computer. What the things should I install (firewall etc.)
  8. I need to install nvidia-xrun to ubuntu. Should I follow arch wiki? https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/nvidia-xrun Also I like debian more than ubuntu but I'm an nvidia user. Should I use debian?
  9. All fans starting loudly when any temperature higher than 60 C
  10. I'm using Ubuntu as second OS and have problems with fan speeds. Its very quite until 60 degrees but when it achieve 60 or higher fan starts spinning very fast. Is there a program or driver for changing it. For example: if any temperature higher than 45, make fan speed 1700 rpm...
  11. I used debian like 2-3 months. I will try Arch. If I can't install or use that. I will switch to kubuntu. I'm going to make some search about how to install and check drivers on arch. Thanks for help Update: I'm selecting ubuntu because arch too much time consuming and i have a life
  12. I will install linux as second os on a external ssd. Also have a question, can I select a desktop environment at all distros (Is installer asking which desktop environment I need to install with os). I have a pretty good pc but still I need lightweight desktop environment and distro. But don't need a ultra lightweight distro like Lubuntu. Also as a desktop environment need a minimalist design. Debian and ubuntu looking pretty good. As desktop environment, heard about gnome and kde. They saying gnome isn't lightweight. Kde looking good. Also heard about arch. How is it? Any other recommendation