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  1. I can feel slight movement when I touch the tubes of the AIO, but honestly the pump doesn't make any sort of sound it's oddly quiet. I can feel it vibrate a bit. Honestly I need a sort of frame of reference because I don't have much experience with water coolers. This machine is primarily used for video production work and usually maxed out around 60 to 70C - but as you can see 30% load at 93C is quite concerning.
  2. Hello everyone, need help with an overheating issue. So my processor is a 6800k 6core that usually maxed out under load at 60C. The system is 4 years old and I recently cleaned the aio radiator and fans. The temps are reaching 90+ under minimal load. One pipe from the rad is hot and the other cold. I need some help getting these temps under control. Attaching pics for reference. Thanks!