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  1. Hey, this popped up in my timeline today and thought you people might enjoy https://youtu.be/z0jQZxH7NgM Pentium 4 liquid cooled to 5GHz, 14 years ago.
  2. AMD also acquired Xilinx for 35B https://www.amd.com/en/press-releases/2020-10-27-amd-to-acquire-xilinx-creating-the-industry-s-high-performance-computing Does anyone knows what is the plan here?
  3. Hey everyone, Me and my SO are working from home and we have recently acquired gaming chairs to be able to do it comfortably. Unfortunately home has hardwood floors and it seems that the wheels are not being very kind with it in the first week already. I searched around for floormat but it's difficult to find reviews on them, regarding durability, if it can really last or it will "glue" to the floor over time and still damage it when removing it a year from now... Can people who have floormats do the review of their findings, experiences and which product ma