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  1. thanks, that what i did recently. I think it solved it but i will make sure first
  2. I tried another thing: cs go does not have a setting for fps cap so I set one of 80 fps in the launch options of cs in steam and it seems to become stable for now I will test it more before confirming that it solved the problem
  3. thank for ur suggestion, i'm already a crappy one. I need to upgrade it and I'm thinking to add more ram too if that would help
  4. Hi guys, plz I need ur help. I play CS GO on my Dell G3 3579 with these specs: i7 8750H GTX 1050 ti (max-Q) 8 gb of ram (ddr 4 / 2666mhz/ single channel) I undervolted the cpu by 0.130v and I set the turbo boost short power max to 20w (it was 78w) and the turbo boost power max to 20w (it was 45w) while playing on the lowest video settings except fo multicolor rendering set to enabled, my fps sits around 160-180 fps and every 70 seconds my fps drops to 1-2 fps for 20 secs even though my temps are not that high and they are on average 88-86 befor