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  1. nice, thanks for the reply, just curious before I buy. I hate cheap shirts that peel after one wash
  2. Just wondering how is the durability of the prints on the american apparel shirts used for LTT? How long do the prints last, how long until the print starts cracking or having issues?
  3. Are you plugged into multiple surge protectors, or do you have to many devices plugged into the same surge protector as your computer. try unplugging everything but your computer and monitor/the bare essentials if the above is the case. My computer kept crashing, my 3950x would under clock and stayed at 1 ghz, i had frame drops, and often times I was only getting 20 fps and had weird power supply issues, then I decided to plug less things into my surge protector that was connected to my computer, and well the problem went away. I think it had to do with overall power draw from the
  4. It theoretically shouldn’t be, you are right, but sometimes it’s also good to have a buffer. As in the psu may be underperforming or maxing out and delivering less wattage than it’s suppose to you can have sever issues. Sometimes to avoid this problem you can buy a higher wattage psu to avoid this issue. 750 watts is the bare minimum that Nvidia recommends. that being said I wonder if the user is plugged into multiple surge protectors or has multiple devices pulling power from the same outlet.
  5. But still, it’d be amazing/nearly impossible to get a RTX 3080 on day one as pretty much all orders were online only and were sold out instantly, plus shipping time. They’d have to be real lucky if one of the stores near them actually had stock
  6. But also like someone said, using 750 watt psu probably ain’t good. Considering the power draw. I’d go with a 850 or 1000w minimum
  7. Seeing as the graphics card was just released, I don’t understand how you could have had the graphics card 3 days ago as it was released September 17th. The whine is something known as coil whine typically found on graphics cards and is a pretty common occurrence, look up some videos on YouTube. I’m assuming this can also happen with PSUs. but likely someone sold you a fake 3080, unless you’re a reviewer or something. There is no way you could’ve had the card 3 days ago unless you were a reviewer, meaning you probably got scammed and were sold a different card or an older generation
  8. Summary Ebay Scalpers are one thing, but now there are RTX 3080 “Paper editions” floating around on eBay. Causing many consumers to bid on what they thought were graphics cards, when in fact the “paper edition” is actually just a printed image of the RTX 3080. Bids are anywhere from $500 to $800 for a piece of paper. This could be related to the recent news of consumers over bidding on Scalpers pre-orders and then not paying to force eBay selling fees; however, this is a PSA telling people to be careful when shopping for a RTX 3080. This is not an isolated incidence or just one seller, t
  9. Here are some screenshots of the same utilities when the computer is acting like normal:
  10. Hi y'all, Been having some weird issues with my computer for the last few months. This is my fifth or so build so I'm not completely new at pc building, but also not super good either. Every now and then I'll turn my computer on and the entire system will start lagging. So the first thing I did was check task manager. My cpu was running at 0.56 GHz, when normally runs at 3.49 GHz to 4+ GHz. The entire system was slow, from opening up browsers to frame drops in league of legends (not a demanding game). I was running at 15 fps sometimes. Usually upon restart the computer goes back to it's n