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    I am a tech enthusiast from the UK who likes to code and has a website and loves pizza


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  1. My website was coded by me and it should not be malicious. It is just some simple html and javascript. Not sure why my Mac thinks it is malware! My website did open quite a lot of other websites using the javascript line window.open but none of the websites were malicious, they were all just privacy related websites, which were the eff, the gnu and the tor project.
  2. I was coding my website after updating to Mac OS Big Sur and it said "index.html will harm your Mac". I coded this html file so I am pretty sure it would not harm my Mac but I am not sure why that popped up. My website is just a very simple website with my LBRY videos embedded. Why did this happen? Should I be worried?
  3. I was installing os/2 warp 4.5 and it asked me for the Source Directory. What do I do? I am not sure where the source directory would be
  4. Ok thank you! I unzipped the file and I found a os/2 iso
  5. Ok when you downloaded the iso did it come in a zip file?
  6. I suggest you use Linux and if you need Windows use virtualbox
  7. Is winworldpc.com safe? The site is supposedly a repository of isos of old operating systems. I was going to use it to get an iso of IBM OS/2, since you can not get it anywhere else. I am aware that these types of websites can contain malware.
  8. CNN project Joe Biden to become US President

    1. LogicalDrm


      The ban on politics on forums is total. Locked.

  9. I know. I do have Firefox installed and the search engine I use on it is DuckDuckGo. I just wanted to try something new
  10. I tried to sign in to the beta version of the forum via the sign in with LTT Forum option again and it worked this time
  11. My point is that PIA is based in the US a country with a government which supports mass surveillance and might ask PIA to hand over the logs they may have. This is less of a problem with countries based outside of the five eyes