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  1. No, I think I might get a custom cable that terminates to 12 pins directly.
  2. I also did a build in the P500A. How did I do?
  3. I use philips sonicare toothbrush, pricey but worth it.
  4. Sorry to hear Tacquito is no longer with us.
  5. Yeah that's more or less what the LTT Store rep told me. USPS is not updating tracking consistently so it may just show up randomly without a tracking update
  6. Ok USPS tracking just updated, it's now in transit. Hang in there
  7. I don't think LTT really has much control at this point, they don't have the package anymore
  8. USPS is still getting caught up from the holidays and are dealing with COVID. @ElfDestruct I guess I don't understand what it is you expect from LTT at this point. There's not much they can really do
  9. I think we might be taking some mousepads a little too seriously
  10. Yeah I'm in the same boat. Think we gotta just sit tight for now I expect that they're slammed.
  11. Yeah as long as USPS didn't lose it or something im good. My first order from LTT so not sure if it takes longer to get to the states
  12. I have a tracking number but its been stuck in pre-shipment for about 2 weeks. Sent in a ticket last week, hopefully hear back this week
  13. Anybody get a tracking number? Mines been in pre shipment for over a week... I think USPS is slammed atm